What is computer Memory?

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Computer memory is very important in your computer.

Many people ask themselves “What is computer memory?” and with good reason. Computer memory can be a difficult concept to understand for most people. There are only two types of memory Ram memory and hard drive memory.

What is Computer Memory? – Ram memory

“what is computer memory?” in reference to RAM memory. Ram memory is also known as random access memory and it stores information that the processor on your computer uses. Ram memory is made up of a module that has integrated circuits on it. The integrated circuits store information on them and that information can be accessed by the CPU in any way or form,Guest Posting that is why it is called random. The memory can be accessed in any way without moving or changing the module in any way. The only problem with RAM memory is that the moment the computer is shut down that memory is lost.

Unlike data previous data storage methods ram memory can pull data from any location within the circuits and other methods like tapes and magnetic disks require physical amount of the data or an optical reading unit.

Ram can also be written to, so essentially it can read as well as right. The problem is that ram memory loses its data as soon as the computer is shut down. This is where the computers flash memory or rom memory comes into play.

What is Computer Memory?- Rom Memory

Rom memory are small circuits of memory that are stored on the motherboard itself. Rom memory holds all the data that a computer needs to initiate and to start up. Rom memory is read only memory, so it cannot be changed and can only be read, that is why it generally only holds the firmware that the hardware needs to start. Rom memory only holds information that is not likely to change any time soon.

What is Computer Memory – Hard Drive Space

Most people that use the computer, but don’t understand how the computer works or what is computer memory. They think that Ram memory and Hard drive space are the same thing. In reality a hard drive is a metal platter that spins inside a metal case. As it spins the head can read and write information. So the hard drive is used to store long term and large files that can be accessed at a future time. Because ram memory cannot store anything, we use the hard drive to store information we need to access on another occasion.

It is a mistake that most people make when they refer to the hard drive as memory. In reality the hard drive is only a storage device.

What is Computer Memory and How Much do we Need?

Now that we have established that the hard drive is not and does not have anything to do with memory it is easier to realize the importance that ram memory has in our computer. That is why when you are choosing a new computer you should buy a computer that has as much Ram memory as possible.

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