Pathkits Launches Make in India Affordable Antigen Kits

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Pathkits is ICMR and Govt of India approved for covid 19 test kits manufacturing. Our kits are affordable and reliable. We have launched affordable antigen kits that are made in India know more about it.

The rise of the Covid cases needs effective solutions. Thus,Guest Posting preventive measures of the Covid-19 are crucial. For this reason, Pathkits launched their Simple Rapid Covid-19 antigen kits. As per the current scenario, the antigen kits are more than beneficial for detecting the deadly coronavirus in humans. 


These kits allow healthcare workers to test individuals and understand whether they have been infected with the Covid-19 or not. 


It’s rolling out across the country so that everyone, even those without any symptoms, can take the test. Through testing using rapid antigen kits, it’s possible to understand how many people are affected by the Covid-19. Moreover, it allows people to take preventive measures for their health.


That’s why Pathkits is out there, doing its best. They are offering affordable test kits that provide accurate and fast results in detecting the Covid-19 antigens. 


What is Rapid Antigen Detection for Covid 19?


For managing and taking proper precautions for the covid19, it’s crucial to have timely and reliable testing. Rapid antigen testing kits can help assist in detecting the covid-19 infections in an individual.


It’s a test that takes place on swapped nasal samples. It detects foreign substances in the human body. These antigens are usually found within the SARS-CoV-2 virus. Hence, the Rapid antigen test kits can assist in finding these antigens, confirming the presence of the covid-19 virus.


India has allowed the usage of these antigen kits by Pathkits, a leading manufacturer of VTM kits. The test kit is a lateral flow chromatographic immunoassay. The samples can be collected with a swab with an extraction buffer through which the SARS-CoV-2 antigen can be extracted. 


Why are antigen kits used?


Antigen kits are used to detect a specific viral antigen present in a body, implying current viral infection in the human body. One can use these tests to perform nasopharyngeal or nasal swab specimens that can be placed on the assay’s extraction buffer or reagent. 


With the current covid pandemic, these kits are being used for SSARS-CoV-2, and they are informative in diagnosing testing situations of a person exposed to the virus.


Benefits of the Affordable Antigen Testing Kits By Pathkits:


Rapid antigen testing kits by Pathkits come with significant advantages. These kits make it much easier for individuals to get tested for Covid-19. It helps in detecting infectious cases before they spread and become more of a threat. 


However, people are still unaware of the advantages of rapid antigen kits over PCR testing. The former is affordable and enables people to get tested without any hassle.


You can view the results soon after testing; this helps to isolate oneself from others in the event the result comes positive. A hassle-free testing process and quick results allow us to take better preventive measures. 


Accuracy of the testing kits:


The Simple Rapid Covid-19 antigen kits are made for testing people who have symptoms of SARS-CoV-2; people suspected of having Covid-19 can use this kit within the first five days of its onset. The antigen kits can show accurate results within a few minutes after the test. 




Pathkits has launched Simple Rapid Covid-19 antigen kits for detecting the infections of the covid-19 among humans. It’s best suited for those who show symptoms of Covid-19. The rapid test kits are perfect for getting accurate results faster. Thus, the kits are exceptional solutions for testing more and more people throughout the country. 

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