Penis Fracture-Is It Possible?

Feb 3


Hakeem A.U. Hashmi

Hakeem A.U. Hashmi

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Most people having doubt in their mind that when there is no bone in the penis then how it can be fractured but let me tell you that penis can have a fracture too. However, it is not as same as a bone fracture and is related to the damage of two areas in the penis named, penile sheath and corpora cavernosa which contribute to erections.


Penis fracture or penile fracture refers to an injury in the penis of men during sexual intercourse. It occurs during the penile erection in men. It may also occur due to coercion during sexual intercourse or masturbation in a wrong way and may cause sexual and urinary function’s blockage, Penis Fracture-Is It Possible? Articles damage of penis veins and arteries, erectile dysfunctioning and curved penis etc. Rapid jerk on the penis because of fall down, car accident, other accidents and activities related to sports may be some other causes of penis fracture.

How will you identify that penis has a fracture? Some symptoms of penis fracture are listed below.

  • It includes bleeding from the penis.
  • Rare symptom of this fracture includes swelling in scrotum and in penis too.
  • Pain in urinating that varies from minimum to severe.
  • Problems in relate to erections or erectile dysfunction.
  • When urine contains blood presence.
  • Dark scars on the penis.

It is advised that if a man confirms a fracture in the penis then he should seek medical assistance immediately otherwise it may affect a man’s urinary and sexual functions persistently. The sooner a man enters into medical treatment for penile fracture, the more he prevents the chances of permanent sexual and urinary problems. In severe situations of penis fracture, a person may get hospitalized and advice for surgery as soon as possible. Therefore, the diagnosis of penile fracture is needed and it is to be done by the Urologist. Firstly, during diagnosis process, doctor may ask you about your previous medical related history and will examine you physically or he may ask you for blood test and urine test as well. The main purpose of diagnose is to find out that how much the penis has damaged from fracture. Secondly, doctor may advice you for special test such as X-ray, else may ask you for an Ultrasound scan. With the help of ultrasound, doctors find out the exact place in the penis from where it got damaged or affected. Urethra fiber optic camera can also be used for examination of fracture. Other than this, if urologist doctor is not sure in the ultrasound then he may ask patient to have MRI test too to make sure about severeness of penile fracture.  

Penis fracture can be treated through two types. It is not only your decision to choose which option but also depends on the severity of the fracture. Listed below are the types of penis fracture’s treatment.

  1. Treat penile fracture at home- In this type of treatment, a patient may use of ice covered cloth to lessen the swelling on the penis or may take anti-inflammatory medicine to reduce swelling. Catheter can also be used to vacant the bladder and lessen the trauma of penis too. Also, putting special strip on penis helps position in such a way that reduces pressure. Treating penile fracture at home may cause higher level of complications which involve getting pain at the time of erection, a curve in penis and incompetence to get erection. After seeing complications and according to the research, urologist doctors recommend penile fracture’s treatment through surgery.
  1. Treat penile fracture through surgery- Surgical treatment depends on the seriousness of penis loss that is why treatment through surgery can varies. Most of the problems related to penis fracture get well through surgery process such as:
  • Problem of blood clotting in the affected area from penis fracture is repaired well.
  • Surgery helps in stop bleeding from penis which occurs from penile fracture.
  • Bleeding due to any lesion or cut on the penis is treated well through surgery.
  • Problem of a man's urethra is also overhauled if damaged in fracture.
  • Surgeon will make an incision in penis skin to approach torn areas and will treat it with stitches.

In my opinion, penis fracture should be treated instantly to avoid possibility of permanent penile deformity because an untreated fracture in penis leads to problem in sustaining an erection.