Penis Fracture-You Must Know About It

Feb 22


Hakeem Hashmi-Amroha

Hakeem Hashmi-Amroha

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When we hear about penis fracture, it sounds a bit strange and we start thinking whether this can happen. Most people are having skepticism in their mind that when there is no bone in the penis then how it can be fractured but it is true. Penis may have a fracture too.


Nevertheless,Penis Fracture-You Must Know About It Articles it is not as same as a bone fracture. Before understanding how penis fracture occurs, we have to understand some basic things. If you pull the hand’s elbow upside down it can break, twisting the leg can cause a sprain, applying a high pillow can make neck’s suppleness. You know all these basic things that’s why you work with full attention or care. On the other side when it comes to the penis, we only think that it is very strong and safe and consist no bone in itself. But the main thing is that there are many muscles in it which are very soft in general but becomes very hard at time of sexual intercourse.

Penis fracture or penile fracture refers to a situation where an injury may occurs in the penis of men during sexual intercourse. It may happens because of coercion during sexual intercourse or masturbation in a wrong way and may cause sexual and urinary function's blockage, damage of penile veins and arteries, erectile dysfunction and curved penis etc. Through a rapid jerk due to fall down, car accident and other activities related to sports may be some other causes of penis fracture. Below mentioned are some indications to recognize that penis has a fracture.

  • Bleeding from penile.
  • Both, penis and scrotum may have inflammation.
  • Pain may vary from minimum to severe condition during urination.
  • Problems may occur related to erectile dysfunction.
  • When urine comprising the presence of blood.
  • Dark marks on the penis.

If a man feels fracture in the penis then he may want to seek medical assistance on an immediate basis else it may affect a man's urinary and sexual functions consistently. In serious situations, a man may get hospitalized and recommend for surgery as soon as possible. Hence, the problem of penile fracture is to be diagnosed first to ascertain that how much it has damaged from fracture. X-ray and ultrasound scan indicates the accurate place from where it got injured or affected. Urethra fiber optic camera may used for inspection of fracture. Penile fracture is handled through two types which are listed below. It is not only your call to choose which option but also depends on the seriousness of the fracture.

  1. Curing penile fracture at home: An ice-covered cloth is used to reduce the inflammation on the penis or take anti-inflammatory medicine to lessen swelling. Catheter may also be put in treatment to empty the bladder and reduce the trauma of penis too and special strip on penis may helps the position in a way that lessens the pressure. Curing it at home may cause high level of complexity which incorporates, feeling pain at the time of erection, penis-curve and inability to get erection. After seeing obstacles and according to the research, urologist doctors advice to handle penile fracture's treatment through surgery.
  2. Curing penile fracture through surgery: Due to severeness of penile loss, treatment of penile fracture through surgery may varies. Mostly problems get well through surgery treatment which may occurs from penile fracture such as. 
  • Blood clotting problem in the concerned area from fracture.
  • Bleeding stops which happens from fracture.
  • Problem of bleeding from any lesion or cut, get well in surgery process.
  • Urethra problem of a man, if injured from fracture.
  • Curing with an incision and sutures in the skin of the penis to make contact with torn areas. 

In my point of view, the treatment of penis fracture or penile fracture is very essential and should not be taken lightly to keep yourself away from long lasting penile malformation. Cause an untreated penis fracture may leads to the problem in maintaining an erection.