Porch Lift PL-TG wheelchair lift is very good for handicapped persons

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The porch lifts PL-TG wheelchair lifts are very good and innovative accessibility solution for the handicapped persons. This is widely adapted by the disable persons in the entire world. This porch lift PL-TG wheelchair lift helps the disable person to easily reach the different floors and levels of the commercial and residential buildings. This lift is mostly used in the commercial and public places. This Porch lift PL-TG wheelchair lift can be handled and controlled by that person who uses this lift. 
This is very visually appealing machine and it can be blend with any architectural structure and the décor of the building. This porch lifts PL-TG  wheelchair lifts is available in many different styles and designs. This model of wheelchair lift is available in various configurations,Guest Posting platform sizes, doors and gates. The purchaser of this lift can select the right model that is able to meets the individual requirements or needs. It is look very good inside as well as outside of the home. 
Sophisticated features that make sure the complete protection and safety of disable person
This porch lift PL-TG wheelchair handicap lift has some additional features to ensure the safety of the user of this lift. It has remote controls which are integrated in the gate and door frames of the lift to offer convenience and safety to the disable person. This remote control enables the disable person to operate this wheelchair lift at their own instead of depending on somebody else in the home. There are three drive systems are available in this porch lift PL-TG wheelchair lift. These drive systems are, A/C powered belt driven ball screw, battery powered driven belt ball screw and last is battery powered hydraulic lifts. Some of the latest and advanced features of porch lift PL-TG wheelchair lift’s are as follows.
• Partial enclosure• Toe guard• This lift has remote control driven doors and gates• Non skid surface• Ivory power coat finish
Vertical wheelchair lift with high lift capability
Vertical wheelchair handicap lift has the capability to lift 750 pounds and has the height lifting capacity of 52 inches. This wheelchair lift is completely tested and compliant with all the government rules, legislations and regulations. 
ThyssenKrupp Access manufactures this porch lift PL-TG wheelchair lift. You can find this model of the lift at any reputable dealer in the United States of America. They also give you the installation and maintenance services.

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