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We look at why so many diets fail and offer advice on how to increase your chances of success when losing weight.

Most people start a diet with the best intentions and from the outset they are determined to reach their goals. Why is it then that the majority of diets fall by the way side in less than two weeks? Studies have shown that if you can adhere to a diet for longer than a month then you are far more likely to succeed. In fact your chances increase by 72 percent.

Why Diets Don’t Work

I think the most common reason for failure is the fact that so many people enter into a diet without thinking about their motivation for weight loss. They have an end goal in mind,Guest Posting however they are not really thinking about the whys and the hows.

Could it be they do not have a strong enough motivation for weight loss? Why do you want or need to lose weight? Is it health, vanity or both?

Really think about your reasons for losing weight and ask yourself do you want it enough to change. Yes there are many that say they would love to be pounds lighter, however they do not want it enough to ensure it happens.  If you want something badly enough, then you need to take proper steps to guarantee your success.

Many try to lose weight too soon and when they cannot notice immediate changes it causes them to give up and think that a particular diet isn’t working, this will undoubtedly have a negative impact on their motivation. Instead of thinking about the end goals all the time, they should really be thinking about their motivation for weight loss and are they willing to give it all they have and not fall at the first hurdle.

How many times do you hear people state they cannot lose weight and they have tried hundreds of diets?  I think the reason is because they have tried hundreds of diets and not stuck to one for any period of time. It is not because specific diets do not work, but because they jump from one to the other. If they dedicated themselves to just one diet, then I am sure they would see far better results. As it stands they try one for a few days and then when they do not see results they jump to the next.

There are also those who claim they don’t know how to lose weight. If you think about the vast amount of weight loss resources available, then the reason cannot be because they don’t know how. There are many health and diet programs and whilst some are better than others, in principle they do the same thing.  

Two Simple Rules for Weight Loss

You can lose weight by following two simple rules.  Rule 1 is you eat better; rule 2 is you move more. This is nothing new or nothing you do not already know. They are simple basic rules that will ensure you lose weight. Now you know the reason why you are not losing weight, you should easily be able to focus on your motivation to lose weight, which will ensure you get the success you deserve.

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