Preparing for LASIK Surgery

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There are a certain number of preparations one has to dobefore Lasik Eye Surgery to ensure that everything goessmoothly. The article looks at the things that should betaken care of.

Getting ready for any surgery is a tedious processand preparing for LASIK is no different. One mustensure that everything is ready and that you lookgood. While preparing for LASIK isn't as difficult aswith some other surgeries,Guest Posting there are still a fewthings you need to take care of before you go in forLASIK.

If you are wearing contact lenses, take note. Youmust remove your contact lenses a few weeks before youhave your LASIK consultation. The reason for this is because some contact lensesreshape your cornea themselves, hence causing problemswith LASIK.  Here are some FDA recommendations basedon your contact lenses:

  • Soft contact lenses should be removed and not wornfor at least two weeks prior to your LASIK evaluation.
  • Rigid gas permeable lenses should be removed andnot worn for at least three weeks prior to LASIKevaluation.
  • Hard lenses should be removed and not worn for atleast four weeks prior to LASIK evaluation.

This is done so as to allow your cornea to regain itsshape and size.

Once you arrive for your consultation the LASIKsurgeon will be able to take the true measurements ofthe shape and size of your cornea and design theprocedure around your measurements.

When you meet the LASIK surgeon to talk about yourupcoming surgery you should tell him a little bitabout yourself. Tell him/her about any past or presentmedical conditions you suffer from. Also tell him ofany medications you may be taking or are allergic to.It is very important that you inform your doctor aboutall of this so that he can decide if you're a goodcandidate for LASIK.

After you've shared your personal information withthe doctor, he/she will then use this information toif you are a good candidate for LASIK surgery. Ask himto explain to you the risks and benefits of thesurgery as well as other alternatives. In other wordshe should tell you what to expect all the way, frombeginning to end.

Don't use any perfume, cream, lotion or make-up theday before the surgery. This is to prevent any debrisform getting into your eye.  The LASIK surgeon mayeven ask you to scrub and wash out your eyesthoroughly before LASIK surgery to prevent any type ofinfection from occurring.

Lastly, it would be prudent that you arrange with afamily member to be transported to and from the lasikcenter. Before the commencement of the LASIK surgerythe doctor may order that you be given medicine tohelp you relax. Such medicine could impair your visionand reaction time, but it is nothing to be alarmedabout. After LASIK surgery you may have impairedvision and may need a few days just to recover youreyesight, hence the need to have someone drive you toand from the lasik center.

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