Signs That Your Elderly Loved One May Need Memory Care Facilities in Atascosa TX

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When was mental confusion may act aggressive or depressed or behave in an unusual way that does not fit their normal personality.

Title: Signs That Your Elderly Loved One May Need Memory Care Facilities in Atascosa TX


It is not uncommon for our elderly loved ones to require assistance if they begin experiencing problems related to their memory. Memory problems can result in confusion and even be dangerous if your elderly loved one becomes unable to care for themselves. The following are the most common signs that your elderly loved one may be in need of memory care facilities in Atascosa TX.


They experience difficulty with their ADLs

If your elderly loved one is experiencing difficulty with their adl's,Guest Posting otherwise known as their activities of daily living, then they may require assistance in a Memory Care Facility. Common activities of daily living include, but are not limited to: getting out of bed in the morning, Pushing their teeth in their hair, washing their face, getting dressed, cooking light meals, picking up around the home, and otherwise going about a regular day. 

They show signs of unexplained weight loss

 If you notice that your elderly loved one has unexplained weight loss which they refused to explain, or cannot explain, this is a sign that something may be going on with their memory and overall ability to care for themselves. Explain weight loss is typically related to elderly people who are unable to cook, unable to shop for groceries, or otherwise unable to feed themselves. This leads to weight loss which they may refuse to explain out of fear or confusion. 

They have burns, bruises or cuts

Someone who is experiencing memory problems, confusion, and other symptoms related to an altered mental state Will have difficulty cooking, caring for themselves, and otherwise be more likely to experience Burns, bruises, and cuts. If you notice that your elderly loved one has unexplained injuries, and this is a sign that they may be injuring themselves while going about their everyday life. 

The brain depends on a fragile balance of chemicals and processes. Alcohol could be a depressant, which suggests it can disrupt that balance, moving our thoughts, feelings and actions – and typically our long-run mental health. this can be part right down to neurotransmitters, that are chemicals that facilitate to transmit signals from one nerve (or neuron) within the brain to another.

For example, the relaxed feeling we will expertise if we've a drink is thanks to the chemical changes alcohol has caused in the brain. A drink can build some folks feel additional assured and fewer anxious, because the alcohol begins to suppress the a part of the brain related to inhibition.

Their home is unusually messy and not maintained

If your elderly loved one normally has a clean home and well-maintained yard, Then they will find it difficult to maintain this cleanliness if they are experiencing memory problems. If you visit your elderly loved one and notice that their home is not picked up, Items are not put away, and the yard is not maintained, then this is a sign that they are unable to maintain their home properly. 

They stop returning phone calls or text messages

Elderly loved ones with memory problems may stop returning phone calls or text messages. This may be because they are forgetting to answer them, believe they have already answered them, or because they are confused and Afraid and do not want to talk to anybody. If you notice that your other the loved one is not answering you, this is a sign that something may be wrong.

They experience mental confusion

Mental confusion is another common symptom that you're older than love one may require care in a memory care facility. Mental confusion includes a wide range of symptoms, including but not limited to: forgetting names and places, forgetting appointments, and even acting in an unusual manner. 

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