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Healthcare is one of the most ambitious and complex elements of the human experience. It is also ubiquitous; we all come in contact with the world of healthcare throughout our lives.


While the year 2021 brought about significant changes in the development and consumption of media,Guest Posting podcasting remained constant. Podcasting thrived throughout the epidemic, thanks to less stringent production needs than, for instance, movies or television. Stand-up comedy podcasts have very convincing evidence out there that suggests that smiling and laughing a lot might help you live longer. So, if your default setting isn't euphoric, try out any of these hilarious dark humor podcast

Entry Level

Entry Level, a podcast about the worst professions in the world, is easy to connect to. The stories here will appeal to anybody who has ever worked for minimum wage. The show features actual people who are playfully dissected for their oddest, most underappreciated jobs. The opportunities are plentiful, ranging from ballroom dancing instructor to go-kart track management. It's a witty reminder not to take things too seriously or for granted. Even more, the show promotes the guests' true talents, including their websites, creative ability, and all of the worthwhile initiatives they engage in outside of their meager incomes.

Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend

Since Conan departed the network circuit, there has been a hole in late-night television. Night in and night out, his quick wit and antics were worth staying up for. O'Brien's most recent podcast series serves as a reminder of how entertaining Coco is. The comic remains one of the greatest around, whether he's making light of his physical skills, picking on an intern, or going into one of his famous wormholes. While a man who wrote some of the funniest Simpsons episodes ever can hold his own on video, this series is made much better by the presence of similarly amusing guests like Charles Barkley, Sarah Silverman, and John Mulaney.


Horse, though technically a basketball podcast, investigates the sport's far-reaching cultural impact. The attire, the obscene sums of money, the superstitions, the off-court hijinks, the tweets, and the strange business side of the league. From Michael Jordan almost being badly harmed by a samurai at an evangelical jail concert to a college athlete being cat-fished by his whole audience, there's a "that occurred" section full of comedy treasure. It's about a lot more than basketball, and it'll make you laugh even if you don't recognize a single starter from this year's All-Star game.

Podcast But Outside

Cole Hersch and Andrew Michaan, the podcast's hosts, live true to the title by simply bringing things outdoors and onto the streets. Imagine a lemonade stand manned by two mature guys who successfully entice customers to their table solely to speak about anything and everything. As the team sets up shop at various events to interview strangers, they have a lot of misfortunes. While it's amusing to listen to, the awful camera work, bogus commercials, and images tied to the continual fear of being tossed out of wherever they're hosting give another dimension of amusement.

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Healthcare is one of the most ambitious and complex elements of the human experience. It is also ubiquitous; we all come in contact with the world of healthcare throughout our lives.

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