Sorenson’s Ranch School Horse Program

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Sorenson’s Ranch School has an excellent horse program that helps students with depression, self esteem issues, addiction, anger, reactive attachment disorder and defiance

Equine Assisted Psychotherapy or horse-centered therapy,Guest Posting works to help people overcome many different psychological problems. It has been stated that horse-centered therapy can help struggling teens overcome mental and physical problems. Equine therapy can help troubled teens to learn more about responsibility, dedication and love. Horses can help teens become more self-aware by allowing the troubled teens to experience an array of different emotions. Therapy in collaboration with nature can help students overcome addiction, anger, defiance, depression and many other problems facing troubled youth today. Horses hold very deep emotions for people. Youth enrolled in Sorenson’s Ranch School are able to receive therapy in conjunction with a very unique and very successful horse program. Students receive expert instruction from qualified counselors that have experience with equine assisted psychotherapy. Sorenson’s Ranch School is a fully functioning boy’s and girl’s ranch that is located in Koosharem, Utah. Sorenson’s Ranch has been using equine therapy for more than fifty years. A residential treatment center that uses horse therapy can be much more effective for troubled youth. Students at Sorenson’s Ranch not only receive the therapeutic environment that they need, but also receive many life skills that will help them throughout their lives. For more information on Sorenson’s Ranch School visit , email them at or call the admissions office at 1-800-455-4590.

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