Surprising Foods You Didn’t Know Prevented Tooth Decay

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Do you know what foods are good for your teeth? Check out 5 of the most surprising foods you'd never expect have a positive impact on your teeth!

Keeping up with your smile is important,Guest Posting even if it means skipping out on your favorite treats and candies. Too many sweets leads to plaque – a film-like substance that overlays your teeth – the ultimate cause of tooth decay. A study conducted by the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research (NIDCR) concludes 92% of all adults 20-64 years of age have at least one cavity. If you don’t want to be a part of that percentage, start taking care of your teeth today by eating right! It’s time to pass up on desserts and look at foods that not only prevent tooth decay, but keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Add More Calcium to Your Diet

Calcium is a key supplement your body needs to make sure our bones stay strong, and your teeth the strongest of them all! Milk, eggs and cheeses are full of calcium. Don’t like whole milk? No worries, there’s plenty of calcium in skim milk and low-fat yogurt. So, if you skip breakfast daily, stop that and take your time in the morning to sit down and enjoy a glass of milk next to a plate of eggs and toast.

Other foods loaded with calcium includes vegetables such as broccoli and bok choy, dried beans and most nuts.

Eat Foods Rich in Fiber

Saliva guards your mouth like no other. Most foods that you eat high some degree of acidity, which gnaws away at the enamel protecting your teeth. Saliva though, neutralizes most of these acids, gives space for the thousands of bacteria living inside your mouth to break down any sugars, and helps re-mineralize your teeth.

To promote salivation, you need to eat a lot of fibrous foods, such as fruits, nuts and vegetables. The best of these includes apples, bananas, oranges, brussel sprouts, peas and bran.

Switch from White to Whole Wheat Grains

Bleached foods such as white rice and white bread are fine, but if you’re looking to help your teeth out it’s a great idea to switch to whole grain foods. Whole grain foods have essential supplements, including B vitamins and iron, that promote healthier gums. In addition, whole grains contain magnesium, a mineral that helps absorb calcium and strengthen your teeth.

The next time you’re at the market, fill your cart with items like brown rice, whole-grain cereals and pastas, oatmeal and bran.

Protect Your Teeth with Potassium

Avocado is a unique food for it’s many properties. For one, avocados are calorie-burning powerhouses great for weight loss and muscle gains. Secondly, packed inside an avocado is loads of potassium, a chemical which strengthens your teeth and stops decay right in its tracks.

If avocados aren’t your thing, there are other foods full of potassium. Some of those are potatoes, sweet potatoes, bananas, watermelon and yogurts.

Start Eating More Seafood

Vitamin D is important if you’re planning on having all your natural teeth for a lifetime. Bathing yourself in sunlight is one way of obtaining this, but if you’re hungry, eat some seafood! Salmon, herrings and sardines are popular fishes that are great sources of Vitamin D. An average salmon fish contains 988 IU of Vitamin D per 100-gram serving. That’s close to 250% of the recommended daily value!

The next time you’re at a seafood venue, take home some of the items above. Other Vitamin D rich seafoods includes shrimp, oysters, and canned tuna.

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