Tooth Decay In Children By Feeding Through Bottle

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Children are the most vulnerable to suffer from teeth problems.  Tooth decay is one of the most common problems among children.  The children lose their temporary teeth and later on get permanent teeth,Guest Posting but it is of true importance that parents take the best oral and dental hygiene of their kids to ensure that their baby lives a healthy life.

One of the rising causes of tooth decay in children is because of feeding through bottle.  Babies are given fruit juices and different sugary drinks, milk formulas, etc. and the residual sugary drinks when present on the teeth for a long time results in bacteria acting on them.  If this occurs on a continued, time to time basis, then there is a lot of chance that the child will suffer from tooth decay.

Tooth decay is a very painful situation and if the child suffers from such, then he or she needs to get treatment on an immediate basis.  The function of baby’s temporary teeth is to act as a guide for the permanent ones.  If the temporary teeth are distorted, then it would not allow the permanent teeth to grow in the proper position.  If the decay is not controlled, then this can lead to an abscessed tooth.

The other thing that the parents need to be aware of is the fact that abscessed tooth can lead to involve infecting other teeth as well.  It is important that parents must know how to prevent their kids from having tooth decay.  The first step is to not give any sugary drinks to your children in feeding bottles.  It is best to give plain water in bottles.  If you give pacifier to your child, then remember to not dip it into any sugary substances.

Do not nurse your child throughout the night, as tooth decay can occur through breast milk.  It would be best that you not add much sugar to the child’s food, as it can cause the sugar to rest on teeth and in turn bacteria can act on them leading to tooth decay.  After you have fed your child with milk, it would be best to clean the gums after feeding with a wet cloth.  This would prevent development of plaque and ultimately tooth decay.

It is best to consult your health practitioner as to when the child can start using the fluoride products.  It is of utmost importance that parents take on healthy feeding practices for their children as it is up to them that the children do not develop any tooth related problems.  As an advice to parents, it is best that when their kid reaches the age of 1, they should move them to use sippy cups rather than using feeding bottles.

This is important to prevent tooth decay in children.  As another advice, the parents should not give sugary products to kids in sippy cups, as the longer the kids are going to use the sippy cups with sugary drinks, the risk of tooth decay rises in proportion to that.  Therefore it is best to use safe practices to prevent tooth decay in children.

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