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eNext ICU provide innovative, cost-effective TeleHealth services and access to experienced specialists.

Our Services Tele- Neurology With access to our large neurologist network,Guest Posting we connect you to neurological care that enriches your organization with a patient-centric approach to Tele-Neurology through deep and broad expertise, and continuous clinical innovation. Benefits  

  • Increased patient volume and revenue generation
  • Eliminates patient shift outs to bigger facilities due to Tele-Neurology.
  • Access to highly experienced neurologists from Delhi-NCR.
  • Enhances the facility’s community and brand reputation in neurology care
  • Various programs like stroke thrombolysis and Neuro Critical Care can be established.
Tele- Wellness We provide wellness consultations in general as well as inpatient psychiatry consultations for admitted patients. Benefits  
  • Telepsychiatry reduces direct and indirect costs and increases quality of life.
  • Telepsychiatry represents a highly promising approach to reducing the treatment gap by making it easier for patients, especially those in isolated contexts, to access expert mental health care.
  • Telepsychiatry extends the psychiatrist’s reach across large geographic areas
    to youth in a variety of community settings
Tele- Dialysis Our experienced nephrologists can provide dialysis assistance and coverage in day care patients as well as admitted patients.
We have a large network of nephrologist to cater the needs of thousands of patients. Benefits  
  • Remote monitoring in high risk dialysis patients has been linked to decreased hospitalizations,
    improve quality of life and cost savings in hemodialysis patients.
  • Cloud based platforms now allow a secure connection with many (Peritoneal dialysis) PD cyclers; this allows remote viewing of treatment summary including prescription details, ultrafiltration and any lost dwells, and in some cases, allows the nurse or the physician to instantaneously change the prescription for the next cycle of PD.
  • Teledialysis may potentially improve access to care for dialysis, minimize need for transportation,
    improve patient engagement and decrease healthcare costs.
Tele- Radiology Our experienced Radiologists give full coverage for OPD and admitted patients and interpret reports . Benefits  
  • With Teleradiology, scarcity of good radiological personnel in rural area can be overcome by using the help of more experienced personnel in the larger centers in the cities.
  • Teleradiology offers more flexible staffing options and helps to maintain radiologist coverage in
    low-density rural areas.
  • Many parts of our country are currently underserved by radiologists, and teleradiology can provide major respite to these locations.
Tele- ECG

We aim to bring a combination of device, software and access to physician, to provide a Remote patient monitoring platform that makes cardiac care better.

  • Healthcare at home: Take 6-lead ECGs at home in only 30 seconds.
  • Better care: More details about your heart at your fingertips.
  • Smartphone compatible: Works on Android and iOS devices.
  • Precise information: Help your doctor view your heart better for accurate diagnosis.
Why our Tele-Health Services are Best-in-Class?


  Highly experienced Super specialists

Experienced specialists working with renowned hospitals

Bridging the Gap

Providing super speciality care where it is not possible

Providing Affordable Healthcare

We provide low cost healthcare as per your the need of our customers

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Enext ICU

eNext ICU strongly believe in innovation in Healthcare Services, Telemedicine Services and TeleICU Services is at the core of our belief.
Founded by a group of Intensive Care Specialists in 2015 with a vision to make specialized ICU care available to everyone.
We specialize in remote delivery of healthcare services in a “Hub and Spoke Model” to maximize benefits from minimal resources.
Through Tele-ICUs, we provide expert critical care services to remote areas 24x7x365 using digital technology & innovation.
Asia’s largest Telemedicine company with ICU beds connected to us through Tele-ICU interface. India’s biggest Simulation based healthcare trainings company and have trained more than thousands of Doctors and Nurses across India and Abroad.

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