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As far as the human intellect is concerned, one finds such extrasensory movements within it, that are different from known substratums. Thought contact between human beings is called telepathy. There are many examples where people have predicted future events. This is called far-sightedness. One cannot ignore that evidence, which describes the capacity of a human being to predict future events.

The Intellectual Sheath is that deep core of the soul consciousness,Guest Posting which is directly connected to the cosmic consciousness. The food, Vital Force and Mental Sheath remain within the periphery of the individual consciousness. The benefits of its advancement can be clearly seen in the individual progress of a human being. People of the contact area benefit greatly. Via a powerful body, radiant talent and high intellectual capabilities, so many important tasks can be executed successfully. The individual personality radiates even more. This is the primary step of progress. By progressing step by step, one can reach the supreme goal by walking on this path.

The ordinary worldly information is called knowledge (Jnana). In other words it can be called education. But Vijnana means special knowledge. In spiritual parlance this is the real meaning of Vijnana but in layman terms it is called science. Although it is called the gift of modern material science, in spiritual terminology this is not the case. Ordinary means worldly, material, functional but special means inner, subtle, conscious, spiritual. Special knowledge is Vijnana. An ordinary brain masters worldly skills. Whereas an extraordinary intellect is said to possess “Ritambhara Prajna” or divine intellect (Wisdom). With its help the inner character evolves and attains the highest spiritual goal. The Intellectual Sheath is that layer of consciousness which enfolds within it, high-statured glories. “Kosh” (sheath) is called a storehouse too. The creation and attainment of this center (sheath) is special/extraordinary information, special power, the high state of the psyche. These capabilities no doubt are present in our psyche yet in reality it is related to the subtle world in which pervades the cosmic consciousness.

If a small bank is related to a big bank, then as per requirements various transactions are executed. When the need arises a small bank can seek help from a bigger bank. Thus those whose Intellectual Sheath (Vijnanmaya Kosh) is of a high spiritual stature, attain divine glories of great use along with the wisdom of movements in the subtle world.

Before understanding the potential and divine glories of the Intellectual Sheath, it is better to understand its inner nature/form. In Material Science the three fold union of desire, wisdom and action energy of consciousness is called Intellectual Sheath. According to spiritual scriptures the living being has 3 characteristics 1) truth 2) Shiva 3) beauty. The living principle is described as “Satyam Shivam Sundaram”. In scientific terms Sat means aspiring for greatness. Shiv means discriminative farsightedness and aspirations based on this precept. Sundaram means wisdom of beauty, artistic bent and sensitivity. When the soul is superimposed on anything, it radiates beauty. From the artistic standpoint it is reflected as beauty, else in this inert world there is nothing like beauty.

Psyche or the inner soul is the confluence of faith, zeal and magnanimity. In ancient parlance the inner nature was divided into mind, intellect, ego and psyche. Needless to say that if in the understanding or naming of the real situation an illusion arises, then in place of inner nature we can use the word – inner soul. According to psychology it is called the extreme purified state of consciousness. In it less of material elements and more of soul exaltation is found. Desires, egoistic nature and yearning cloud that mind, which is predominantly materialistic. Over there selfishness is the basis of all transactions. When the need of the inner soul augments it leads us towards spirituality. This oneness of soul instead of getting limited by our bodily and family needs, gets converted into world well-being. Aspirations are influenced by high ideals and not by the environment. Desires do not eye individual gains but instead get focused on greatness. From the standpoint of benefits, beauty is not superimposed. In fact the subtle vision of art in the inner recesses of objects induce zest/zeal in the inner soul. In a nutshell that high leveled layer of consciousness which is very near the soul, which to a lesser extent is influenced by the environment and instead leaves a mark of its originality, is called inner soul. If people do not object this can also be called psyche or inner nature.

The 3-fold flow of consciousness includes will power, knowledge power and action power. Its root source is the inner soul. Zest from this region gives an apt direction to our desires. The brain acts according to its directions. The Lord called the body, like a devotee-servant, observes all these directions without adding/subtracting anything form it. When one cogitates deeply over these facts, it becomes clear that this is the center where the soul contacts the external world. The nature of one’s life is created at this point and from here flows its stream. Psychologists call it superconsciousness. Philosophers have given contradictory descriptions of the supermind yet they all indicate that level of consciousness, which is the root source of our inner personality. In the very existence of every subtle-sighted individual (Seers/sages), it is this inner soul that is at work and its supreme glory has been accepted by one and all.

In the science of spiritual practices, this inner soul is called “Vijnanmaya Kosh” or the Intellectual Sheath. As soon as one’s aspirations are purified, it does not take long to transform the external nature of our life. In a certain sense the changes that took place in the lives of great Indian saints like Valmiki, Ambpali, Ajamil, Sur, Tulsi etc. can also be called a spiritual transformation. Men of ordinary stature have been transformed into supermen of an extraordinary stature. Within this transformation one easily sees the major role played by upgradation of aspirations. The circumstances under which Kabir, Dadu, Ravidas, Ramdas, Ramkrishna, Vivekanand, Shankaracharya, Dayanand and other supermen were born, were far from ideal. It was not external circumstances but the state of their minds that played a major role in the advancement of the lives of great men like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington etc. No doubt Dhruv, Prahlad, Budha, Mahavir etc. were born in royal clans yet this environment was incapable of augmenting the stature of their inner personality. Via the inspiration of Narada etc. or else due to the influence of instincts, they transformed their aspirations and thus they rose so high, that ordinary minds can never even imagine. This truly is the miracle of the change and purification of the psyche. There are so many paths and methods by which the Intellectual Sheath can be purified. Sudden divine grace can also be one of the causes of purification yet the path for majority of the people is genuine effort that leads to step by step purification of the Intellectual Sheath.

This is the external aspect of the Intellectual Sheath. One of its streams flows in the direction of the subtle world too. This activity in the psyche can convert an ordinary person into a superman, divine man and almighty God. The other stream helps the living being contact the subtle world. Important give and take, takes place between both of them.

The world which we all experience today is the gross/material world. It can be contacted via our 5 sense organs. Within it exists that nature, which cannot be experienced directly as material objects. In fact it is present as energy and can be experienced only by the intellect. This gross world can be experienced with the help of sense organs, intellect and technology of modern science. To make gains with the help of objects and Mother Nature the above gross means are made use of. Further than this commences the subtle world which because is not perceived by the senses, is called extrasensory. This cannot be pinpointed even in the most advanced scientific laboratory and it is only the intellect that can understand its cause and basis. Yet the foundation stone of the subtle world stands firm. There is no other choice but to wholeheartedly accept the existence of the subtle world.

As far as the human intellect is concerned, one finds such extrasensory movements within it, that are different from the known substratums. Thought contact between human beings is called telepathy. There are innumerable examples where people have predicted future events. This is called far-sightedness. One can never ignore that evidence, which describes the capacity of a human being to predict future events. No doubt these incidences do not appear in the lives of all humanity yet whoever experiences them, prove the fact that there is a subtle world in which important subtle movements take place so as to influence the gross, material world. A problematic situation is faced by all of us when re-birth is described along with the existence of ghosts/ethereal beings. Where does the living being exist after death?  How is this subtle, unseen entity nourished?  Thus without accepting the existence of a subtle world, we cannot answer the above questions. Some special men are endowed with strange, superhuman capabilities which are termed as miraculous powers (Sidhis). How and where are the strange events like curses, boons, grace etc. created?  Thus how can one answer these important questions without accepting the existence of a subtle world?

From birth itself some children possess such miraculous powers which cannot be correlated to an ordinary progress of one’s life. Some children possess an amazing intellect and psyche. So many realized saints have solved the problem of famine by showing areas, which if dug up deep enough, could give a lot of water. According to Anatomical Sciences, the body cannot exist without food, air and water. Yet a realized saint of India called Pavhari Baba has made the impossible, possible. A sage called Haridas dug a deep trench in the ground and after he got into it, he asked the onlookers to cover the trench. For months together he remained in this trench by entering a trance-like state (Samadhi). All this took place under the supervision of King Ranjit Singh of Punjab. Elsewhere also one finds such miraculous evidence. Facts like grace of demigods, help given by dead souls, results of Mantra chanting cannot be ignored by just labeling them as blind faith. Researchers working on the Egyptians Pyramids have faced a lot of strife. This cannot be called “Chance” or an accident. Yogis have such rare capabilities which cannot be without a cause. Devotees of God have attained special powers and these cannot be called a blind dogma. No doubt some questionable stories are connected with those rare events yet one cannot ignore the facts underlying them. Some years back, majority of the world would not accept certain facts just because the gross intellect could not prove them right. But today because our thinking has become more balanced, research is being carried out in various parts of the world so as to prove the existence of a subtle world.

Today in front of us lies the existence of a material aspect of the subtle world which is stranger and more powerful than the subtle world proclaimed by spiritual leaders. That belief is of every object – every world. The facts of anti-matter and anti-universe are encountered by us all in such a way, that one is amazed to perceive an extraordinary world on its basis.

In Indian Tantra Science there is a description of a spiritual practice called “Chaya Purusha”. It is believed that there exists a living ghost which represents the subtle existence of a human being and it always co-exists with every human being. By worshipping it as a demigod or a ghost/evil spirit, one can command it to act as per one’s wish. The gross body acts subtly. By mastering this “Chaya Purusha” a second body which is our very own, comes under our command. Thus it is possible to simultaneously perform actions with both the bodies. In this belief one finds the description of the existence and activities of an anti-man i.e. “Chaya Purusha”. It is a fact that in daylight a shadow of our own body comes into existence and co-exists with us. The state of the subtly embodied “Chaya Purusha” is like a living shadow. This naming has taken place on this basis. (Chaya=Shadow, Purusha-man).

The existence of anti-atom, anti-matter, anti-universe is a big challenge for great modern scientists. They can never disown its existence. If the precepts of this existence become clear and if man builds a relationship with the activities of anti-universe, definitely we will enter a miraculous demonic era. The potency of anti-atom is much more than that of an atom. In comparison to the material world  known to us the wealth, capability, and gigantic nature of anti-universe is much more. If an imbalance ensues, the superdemon called anti-universe can engulf our material world. Thus that mythological tale (Indian) concerning the demon Hiryanksha will actually manifest as a fact in our lives wherein that demon will press our material world under his armpit and head for the nether world.

Over here we have discussed the subjects of “Chaya Purusha” and “Anti-universe” so as to clearly understand the existence of a subtle world in our vicinity. This world which cannot be perceived by the 5 senses is so extraordinary, that its movement greatly influence the visible, material world. These movements of the subtle world create amazing repercussions in objects, creatures and circumstances. No doubt we cannot ignore the importance of human effort, yet the other fact remains that the visible world has a very intense and influential relationship with the subtle world.

The consciousness of an embodied being is a part of the cosmic consciousness. The characteristics of the part (micro) is equivalent to that of the whole (macro). In this cosmic ocean of consciousness, all of us exist like small/big fish. The micro Vital Force of a living being exists in the macro Vital Force of God.

The subtlest form of matter is no longer an atom. Because within an atom there are independent units with specific functions. There are subtle principles within electrons too. Objects ultimately are energy manifest and not waves as thought previously. According to Ecological Sciences, this energy is not inert but is a thinking consciousness. According to modern scientific studies, the subtlest form of matter is “quanta” which can be called an admixture of inertness and consciousness. It can further be described as thought based consciousness. In spiritual terms it is called Ardhanari-nateshwar (half man – half woman). This quanta can be called the admixture of Prakriti (inertness) – Purusha (consciousness). We firmly believe that future scientists will reach pure consciousness  (Brahman, God) by analyzing this quanta further. Thus they will agree with the Vedanta theory of all- pervasiveness of God or Brahman or consciousness. It is the ocean of consciousness that pervades every atom of the cosmos. In fact inert matter i.e. that visible world of objects with name and form, is merely a wave within it.

A strong bond of give and take exists between a living being and God. The obstruction that exists is due to taints/dirt that cover the individual soul. If this covering is removed in totality, an important give and take relationship between the individual consciousness (creature) and cosmic consciousness (God) can manifest. Because the material aspect intensifies, a living being leans on the inert world. Thus he thinks only of material gains, as a result of which he appears poverty-stricken. If we can render our life force pure, we can conjoin it to Brahman principle (God) and the subtle world in an intense manner. Whoever could manifest this bond of give and take, succeeded in attaining a divine state. In comparison to the gross world, such people attain more help from the subtle world. This subtle wealth truly makes man wealthy. With the help of this gift he can bestow important benefits on the entire world since he has contacted innumerable worlds in a subtle manner.

A few centuries back many atheists forced everyone to challenge the existence of a subtle world. At that time, science and man’s intellect was not so advanced. Today the circumstances are totally different. One by one many facts have emerged and have proclaimed the existence of a subtle world along with cosmic consciousness. Seer-sages had previously believed it to be as directly visible as the gross world and in order to contact it, they had moulded a cast of gigantic spirituality. It seems that, that day is not far off when spirituality and modern science will unitedly enter the arena of the subtle world. Thus by unifying the inert and conscious worlds, they will lay down the path of all-round progress.

Like the spiritual practice of the “Chaya Purusha”, we can augment the wisdom and comforts that accrue form the subtle world along with the gross world. Just like creatures of the gross world, we can contact powerful bodiless souls of the subtle world. In comparison to battles taking place on land, fights fought by air-forces are more intense and hence the results are more far-sighted. Wisdom is more important than physical hard work. The value of the visible existence of an atom is ordinary yet when this atom explodes, it releases infinite energy. We all know the importance of an invisible soul in comparison to a visible body. The spiritual practices of the Intellectual Sheath that help contact the subtle world (which influences the gross world), is of great importance.

Just like the other sheaths, the Intellectual Sheath pervades every pore of our body yet its entry point is the heart wheel (Chakra). This heart should not be mistaken for the organ of our body that helps in blood circulation. The anatomical heart is present in the left half of the rib cage. Contrary to this is the heart wheel (Chakra) which is the entry point of the Intellectual Sheath. This heart wheel is present in the point of union of the left half and right half of the rib bones and immediately below, where the stomach begins. Here a cave-like area can be noted and is called the heart wheel.

The above center is also a center of the causal body (Kaaran Shareera). While describing it, Yogic scriptures say it is self-illumining and is of the size of one’s thumb. Further it is said that the Intellectual Sheath (Vijnanmaya Kosh) is related to the cosmic consciousness. The heart wheel can contact this all-pervasive cosmic consciousness. This heart wheel is also called a cave. This is like great Yogis entering a cave to perform intense austerities so as to attain Divine Powers (Sidhis). Thus we can enter the cave of the heart wheel and attain divine glories. In layman’s language the heart is synonymous with sensitive emotions, feelings etc. One with a heart, connotes one with compassion. A heartless person is full of wickedness. Thus these characteristics are not found in the anatomical organ called the heart but instead is the quality of the conscious subtle heart principle. It is called the heart wheel, wheel of Brahman (God) etc. in the arena of Material Sciences. This is the gateway of the Intellectual Sheath. By activating this center via concentration/meditation, it can be converted into a super mind. The foundation stone of that spiritual practice which helps us attain Divine Powers that are extrasensory in nature is this only. It is the central point of the psyche and inner soul. While introducing themselves, people point at their chest egoistically.

In scriptures of spiritual practices, guidance regarding soul spiritual endeavor after entering the cave of the heart is given as below.

“That person who ignores the Lord seated in his heart, and instead searches Him in the external world is like a fool who ignores the 24 carat diamond in his palm and instead runs in search of a piece of glass.”

-          Yog Vasishtha.

“When man experiences the presence of the compassionate Lord Maheshwar seated in the deep recesses of his heart, who is the creator of this world, who is subtler than the subtlest, who can take up infinite names and forms, definitely attains eternal peace.”

-          Shwetashwataropanishad (4/14)

“This divine personage is a saint who has created this universe and is eternally present in the heart of all beings. He who understands this divine personage with his pure heart, intellect and mind, attains immortality.”

-          Shwetashwataropanishad (4/17)

“He who experiences the wisdom manifest Lord in the cave of his heart, enjoys all objects along with the almighty Lord.”

-          Taiteriya (2/1/1)

“The Lord who dwells in the cave of our heart is invincible and self-illumining. A saint of wisdom (Jnani) experiences God as bliss and thus merges into the Lord.”

-          Subalopanishad (8/1)

“Maharashi Angira said, beloved Shaunak!, Actions, wisdom, eternal Vedas and the entire cosmos exist due to the Lord as their substratum. That man who experiences God in the cave of his heart, cuts asunder the knot of spiritual ignorance and thus attains salvation.”

-          Mundakopanishad (2/1/10)

“That cave in which the Lord dwells is neither hell, nor caves of mountains nor darkness nor the crater beneath the ocean. Wise men have labeled that thought wave which is one with divine consciousness, as “cave of God”.

- Vyas Bhashya

“The Lord is seated in the heart of all living beings. With his skill the Lord directs the movements of all creatures. Hence always worship the Lord. With His grace you shall attain the supreme goal of life along with bliss”.

-          Geeta (18/61,62)

The heart wheel has been compared to a lotus flower. It is also called heart lotus. Over here the lotus does not connote shape/form but instead points at sensitive emotions. Because the lotus is a symbol of delicateness, beauty, fragrance and purity. It is said to be the leader of all flower species. Hence the heart wheel is also called a heart lotus

“It manifests in the cave of the heart of realized saints (Jnanis). He is always near by. He is present in the intellect of realized saints and is the supreme divine abode.”

-          Mundakopanishad(2/2/1)

“All demigods and Vital Forces (or Pranas) dwell in the heart. A supreme divine light dwells in the heart. Everything dwells in it.

-          Shankh Smriti (7/16)

“When all the desires of our heart are destroyed, this otherwise mortal man gets liberated (from the vicious cycle of birth and death) and thus attains Brahman (God).”

-          Kathopanishad (2/3/14)

“He is farther than the farthest and yet He is very near. For realized saints (Jnanis/Yogis) He dwells in the cave of their heart.”

-          Mundakopanishad (3/1/7)

“That omnipotent Lord along with the subtle body dwells in the form of the soul in the heart region measuring our thumb. Great Yogis meditate on this spot so as to attain the Lord. This Lord is the Master of our past and future. That human being who realizes Him, never, undergoes pain/sorrow in this world.”

-          Kathopanishad (2/1/2)

Many spiritual aspirants have experienced the presence of divine light of the shape of their thumb while meditating on the heart wheel. It is like a flame lamp. This divine vision (Darshan) is said to be a symbol of soul and God realization. Via special spiritual practices pertaining to the Intellectual Sheath (Vijnanmaya Kosh), the Divine Powers of the heart wheel can be activated and augmented.

There are many types of spiritual practices and some among them are of the class of Yoga practices and austerities. Yet other spiritual practices involve the purification of the very recesses of our consciousness by remaining steadfast in character and serving society. If one remains alert by imbibing sacred ideal based goodwill and faith during self-creation and world creation, such endeavors can definitely fulfill the goal of high-levelled spiritual practices. Pure austerities based spiritual practices involves heating our character like pure gold and burning all our psychic taints/distortions in the fire of self-control. Yoga is nothing but merging our selfish desires into spirituality and our individual consciousness to cosmic consciousness. There are so many great men who have become saintly (despite the fact that they have not donned ochre robes) by imbibing sacred ideals in their daily activities. Even such men have attained supreme benefits of spiritual practices pertaining to the Intellectual Sheath.

One should not give importance to whether spiritual practices are of this particular type or another type. Superficial rites are not so important because the question is whether you have imbibed great ideals or not in all your action?  How have you sown the seeds?  If this is done appropriately, the sprouts will later give luscious fruits and flowers of spirituality.

If via spiritual practices one wishes to attain miraculous powers and flaunt them to attain cheap name and fame, it can only be called vain mockery. Hence the general belief that spiritual practices should result in attainment of miraculous powers is totally invalid. Because there have been so many great men who lacked success from the material standpoint. Yet none doubted their spiritual greatness.

While Lord Jesus Christ was alive, he had only 13 disciples and even they failed to pass spiritual tests. Lord Jesus was hanged to death. Superficially this points at failure yet today he is worshipped all over the world. Right from Rishi Dadhichi gifting his bones to Socrates drinking poison, the story is of pain and failure. Right from Seeta upto Queen Lakshmibai, there are sagas of failure. Those imbibing the teachings of Guru Gobindsingh upto Bhagatsingh, have had to face a lot of sorrow. In short if success of spiritual practices is measured by attaining miraculous powers,  worldly fame, worldly attainments etc. then we truly need to rectify our thinking. Because true spiritual success will help us imbibe sacred ideals in our day to day transactions. There have been so many great men in world history who despite facing hardships, losses, failure, sarcasm, insults, mockery etc. have established such sacred ideals which inspired scores of other humans to imbibe in their daily lives and thus attain glory. It is only when a spiritual seeker passes through the fire of many difficult tests that can help him/her attain success in their spiritual endeavor. Fear or enticement can never agitate the minds of true spiritual aspirants. They leave behind such a spiritual tradition which later helps scores of other human beings to glorify themselves. When Mahatma Gandhi saw a drama of Harishchandra, it inspired Gandhiji to walk on the path of truth. Such great men leave behind footprints which help other seekers to follow and thus attain the true goal of life. These blessings are worth reflecting upon and imbibing in one’s daily lives. Truly this is called success of spiritual practices. The Yoga practices in our lives are full of such attainments.

Majority of the great men of our world were born under dire circumstances wherein their family was generally poverty stricken. They were neither helped by the rich nor did they have enough material wealth. Their circumstances were so dire that they could not even think of progress. Ordinary people under these circumstances would have lived life akin to a dead body. Yet those rare people overflowing with the wealth of a pious character were capable of attracting the heart of their colleagues along with required help. Material means come running to such people and thus the path of progress is laid down. There is no need to give examples over here. The inner personality of such people oozes with magnetism because of a great character, magnanimity and a sacred viewpoint of life. It is this that makes them stand in the front rank of great world personalities. When one measures their sacred character and contribution for world welfare, it is clear that they have proved the precept of “success via spiritual practices” as true. The Yogic practices of life are such that they are not limited by superficial curiousity or so called miraculous powers and instead their amazing success in the form of world faith, is written in letters of gold in the great book of world history. One can name such great men along with their biographies for one’s entire life time.

If mere curiousity connotes “success”, one can read innumerous pages in Indian Mythology (Puranas) wherein grace has been bestowed via Divine Powers after being influenced by goodness of character. It was not as though Hanuman and Arjun had attained the blessings of Lord Ram and Shri Krishna without any rhyme or reason. Because only with their taintless character could they become so dear to the Lord and thus attain divine wealth. Stories of Sukanya, Savitri, Anasuya, Damayanti, Gandhari etc. possessing Divine Powers, tell us that instead of executing Yogic practices, they imbibed such a great character which helped them attain miraculous powers. In the exalted lives of Shabari, Sudama, Karna, Ambarish, Raidas, Kabeer, Nanak, Sur, Tulsi, Eknath, Ramdas, Vivekanand, Gandhi etc. more importance was given to serving the world than Yogic practices. Yet they all attained divine grace. To the extent that a bird like Jatayu and a squirrel, who helped build the bridge to Lanka (as described in the epic Ramayana), also attained the Lord’s divine love.

The soul is an infinite storehouse of Divine Powers. In it all the sacred energies of the Lord are present in seed form. In order to sprout these seeds, the fertilizer of a taintless character and water, in the form of selfless service has to be supplied continuously. By imbibing this precept any spiritual seeker, like an intelligent gardener can create a garden of Divine Powers (Ridhi-Sidhis) in his psyche. For this there is no need to search for, bring or attain anything from the external world. Because the only requirement that one must pay heed to, is to remove the thick layers of taints in our inner personality. The true goal of various spiritual practices is to purify the soul. It is the thick layer of ash, on a burning pyre that makes that fire smoky and listless. But as soon as you remove this ash the fire starts blazing and emitting heat and light. If we abstain from vile thinking and lowly activities, we can attain many Divine Powers due to a radiant inner soul.

Apart from this via purification of the Intellectual Sheath, when the individual consciousness merges into the cosmic consciousness, one attains greater Divine Powers. Such Divine Powers have been described at various places e.g. Scriptures pertaining to spiritual practices. Following are examples of successes attained on awakening the Intellectual Sheath.

“Due to soul purification the body radiates. The digestive fire of the stomach augments, the body becomes diseaseless, one attains the power of omniscience and thus one attains the wisdom of all objects.”

“One attains the wisdom of the cause of objects of the past, present and future. One attains the power of elucidation and realization of the mysteries of any scripture of the world which one has never even heard before.”

“Goddess Saraswati dances on the tongue of such an aspirant and one’s Mantra chanting gives immense benefits.”

- Shiv Samhita (87/88/89)

“To the extent the power of the psyche augments, one attains Divine Powers (Sidhis) like hearing speech in far off lands, seeing objects in far off lands, one’s predictions coming true, fulfillment of one’s desires etc.”

-Yog Tattvopanishad (73 –74)

“Via postures (Asan) one wards off diseases, via breathing exercises (Pranayam) one overcomes sins and via sense organ control (Pratyahar) one overcomes mental distortions. Via concentration (Dharana) one attains steadfastness, via meditation one attains divine wealth and via trance (Samadhi) one attains liberation. Thus the bondage of actions is cut asunder.

- Vasishtha Samhita

“There are 8 Sidhis (Divine Powers) called Uha (knowledge of past births), Shabda (knowing the true hidden meaning of a word), Adhyayan (urge to study and attain enlightenment), Suhrutprapti (befriending loving friends), Daan (generous nature and urge to follow the path of spirituality), destruction of spiritual sorrows, destruction of sorrows pertaining to Mother Nature, destruction of bodily related pain.”

-          San. Ka. (51)

“A Yogi sees the subtle world just as he sees the gross world. He attains Divine Powers of hearing sound and seeing objects, far away from him. Via meditation a Yogi can describe one’s past and future lives and also read the minds of all beings of the world. Via a mind immersed in divinity, a Yogi can see directly and perceive all the hidden objects of the world along with its mysteries.”

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