The Dangers of Baby Walkers

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Are you planning to buy a baby walker for your infant? You may want to think again as this equipment is not recommended by pediatricians. Make an informed decision by reading this important information about baby walkers.

Many parents invest on baby walkers to give their child mobility and walking practice. But little did they know that the device is not safe for babies. In fact,Guest Posting it is banned in some countries like Canada because of the dangers it poses. In America, the AAP (American Academy of Pediatrics) continues to call for a ban on the manufacture and sale of baby walkers in the country. Why?

Baby walkers increase the risk of injuries to babies. The device has wheels allowing infants to move fast. Up to 3 feet in 1 second which is quicker than a parent could react. This is why many baby-walker-related-accidents happen even when adults are around. Record shows that more than 230,000 babies were rushed to US hospitals in 1990 to 2014 due to baby walker accidents. Most common injuries are head trauma, burns, poisoning, and drowning.

The equipment leads to babies: (1) Falling off stairs. (2) Reaching dangerous things such as a tablecloth with bottles or candles on top. (3) Falling off and drowning in swimming pools. (4) Reaching electric wires and outlets. (5) And dropping down from the walker’s seat. Despite the improvement of the equipment’s standards such as making its size wider than doors, thousands of infant-walker-related accidents still happen each year.

The reported injuries should be enough to stop the use of baby walkers but there are more reasons why they are bad for infants. This supposedly helpful device for babies to walk early is actually a myth. Studies show that kids who used walkers learn to walk later than those who didn’t. Putting infants on walkers limits their activity to develop their motor skill. It prohibits them from lying on their stomach, practice crawling, sitting-up, and standing on their own. This is why babies who weren’t placed in walkers are stronger and more confident in their movements.

Infant walkers also hinder muscle development. It encourages babies to scoot on the floor instead of stepping forward one foot at a time. This strengthens the lower legs more than the upper legs and hip which are crucial for walking. The wrong positioning of the babies’ legs in walkers can affect their posture and lead to developing toe-walking pattern. Furthermore, it can cause joint and ankle problems in babies.

Now that it is clear that walkers are not good for infants, here are safe alternatives to consider:

    • Playpens – unlike walkers that limit babies’ activities allow infants to lay down, roll-over, crawl, sit, practice standing up while holding on the sides, and eventually walk. It’s good to invest in a sturdy one to allow baby to hold on the sides without worrying the equipment to tear or break. Besides, playpens can be useful even when your baby becomes a toddler or older. The equipment is also a safe zone for babies. You can let your baby play inside it with peace of mind while doing household chores. Just make sure there is no dangerous element inside it such as choking hazard toys or sharp objects. It’s better to put a rubber or foam flooring in the pen for more safety.
    • Stationary Activity Centers – this device looks like walkers but do not have wheels. It has toys around it just like walkers to keep babies entertained. The seat rotates and bounces allowing infants to move around without putting their body in an awkward position.
    • Activity Mats – allow babies to explore the surroundings and move around. This encourages body movements and curiosity which is great for both physical and mental development.

Learning how to walk is an exciting milestone for babies. I hope you find this article helpful in making an informed decision for your baby’s safety. Happy parenting

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