The Health Benefits and Risks of Nose Job

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Nose job or rhinoplasty is one of the most favorite cosmetic procedures alongside botox, liposuction, facelift, and breast increase. Nose job is done to improve the appearance of the nose. It is also a process to improve respiration by correcting impaired breathing that is caused by nasal deformities or narrow nasal passages. While being an aesthetic improvement, a nose job process can improve someone's confidence and self-esteem. Though nose jobs can offer amazing health and aesthetics benefits, it also poses risks and different post-surgical certainties.

Benefits of Nose Jobs

Facial symmetry is one of the major benefits a nose job can provide. People do really want a perfectly formed nose, a primary understanding that motivates people for a nose job procedure. Nose job is art as much as it is science. As an art, it aims to bring out beauty by improving the appearance and proportion of the nose along with the patient's facial features.

The benefits of a successful nose job procedure include:

- Nose size enhancement or reduction: The contouring of the patient's nose size to a symmetrical structure with the other facial features

- Correction of the nose width at the bridge and bulbous, upturned, or drooping nasal tip

- The improvement of the nasal profile by removing the humps or relieving nasal depressions

- Improvement of the nasal respiration function

A nose job process does not only right the facial asymmetry, but also correct the nasal abnormality.

The nose is one of the defining aspects of the face, and can be the source of numerous people's dissatisfaction. A flawed nose or an asymmetrical face can be a source of low self-esteem or a lack of self-confidence. For this reason, by correcting one's facial flaws, a nose job can positively affect an individual’s life, raising the self-esteem and uplifting the self-confidence.

Aside from the aesthetic and psychological benefits it bring, a nose job can also aid people with breathing problems and health complications caused by nasal structural abnormalities. Nose jobs can open narrow or constricted nasal passages to help the patient breathe normally and correct other nasal defects.

What Are The Risks?

As with all surgeries, nose jobs also have possible risks when not done properly or if the patient's nose is not fit for surgery. The recovery process usually takes long.

Despite the extensive pre-surgery analysis and attention to procedure, complications can occur at times. But most complications are minor, and can be readily remedied. Severe complications in nose jobs are rare, but it pays to know the possible nose jobs risks in making decisions with regard to your beauty and health. This is true with all the other surgeries that involve enhancing or modify particular body parts. In such situations, patients are asked to sign a waiver or a consent form before the cosmetic surgeon would perform surgery on them.

In some incidents, the risks occur because the patient's nose is not suitable for a nose job. Some of the risks and complications that occur after a nose job procedure include:

- Wound infection

- Hematoma

- Nosebleeds

- Breathing complications

- Facial asymmetry

- Skin discoloration

- Swelling

- Permanent nerve damage

- Loss of smell

- Internal and visible scars

Making Informed Decision before Going under the Knife

Before deciding to undergo a nose job, it is advisable to consult with your cosmetic surgeon and discuss its possible risks. Get to know what are the instructions involved, learn how to prepare for the procedure, and know what you should do after the surgery and how to handle complications should it happen. Always follow the precautions set by your cosmetic surgeon to speed up your recovery and healing processes.

Considering Cosmetic Surgery Sydney for Your Nose?

If you are seriously considering nose job, you should see the best plastic surgery Sydney clinic which promotes ethical cosmetic practice and quality customer service. Ensure that its surgeons are professionals, with license to operate cosmetic treatments, nose job included. Do not only look into their rates, but also the type of cosmetic service they render before and after surgery.

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