The Many Health Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals For Your Skin

Jun 14


Sonia Ramirez

Sonia Ramirez

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The benefits of Dead Sea mineral salts have been sought after since ancient times. Perhaps the most famous visitor to the "World's First Spa" was Cleopatra.


The Dead Sea is the lowest point on the planet of any land mass (1,385 feet below sea level,The Many Health Benefits of Dead Sea Minerals For Your Skin Articles to be exact). The amount of water that evaporates from it is higher than that which flows into it, such that this body of water has the highest concentration of minerals and salt in the world.

A common therapetic application is the Dead Sea Mud Mask. Dead Sea Mud contains active natural trace elements important to replenish your maturing skin cells.

The benefits of Dead Sea mineral salts have been well known since ancient times. Today, Dead Sea mineral salts refer to salt extracted or taken from the Dead Sea.

The Dead Sea is popular with tourists from around the world for its respected healing effects. The water of the Dead Sea is unique, as it has ten times the salt content of other sea water. Because of its greater density, this allows anyone to easily float on Dead Sea water. Its mineral composition is also different from ocean water since only 12-18 % of Dead Sea mineral salts are sodium chloride. In comparison, 97 % of the salt in normal ocean water is sodium chloride.

A wide variety of clinical afflictions affecting different parts of the body are relieved by mineral-rich Dead Sea mud and Dead Sea mineral salts, perhaps because the minerals found in the Dead Sea are vital to human life itself. Relaxation, metabolism, and circulation are all supported by Dead Sea minerals, and conditions as various as arthritis, fatigue, migraines, dandruff and eczema have all been shown to benefit from treatment with Dead Sea mineral products. Furthermore, these minerals are the base of intelligent skin care, because they so perfectly maintain skin moisture levels, nourish skin cells, and provide the skin with natural, anti-allergenic preservation.

To experience the benefits of using Dead Sea minerals first hand, try a Dead Sea Facial Mask.