The Most affordable solution: Gastric Balloon in India

Aug 18


Larry Oshiola

Larry Oshiola

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Eye catching results of gastric balloon surgery is available with Cosmetic and Obesity Surgery Hospital India at most affordable cost with best bariatric surgeons in India.



The gastric balloon surgery is among the popular weight loss procedure for people who are overweight and are keen to undergo any surgical procedure to get rid of the extra weight. However,The Most affordable solution: Gastric Balloon in India Articles when it comes to the gastric balloon surgery in India, these are considered when the patient has tried all the other options. So, in other words, you need to consider the surgery as the last resort and not the first one after all it has its own impact. India now ranks higher when it comes to getting high quality and affordable solutions and weight loss surgeries like gastric balloon is no exception. Thanks to the top gastric balloon hospitals in India which offer one of the best of the quality services to the global patients.

What is Gastric Balloon Surgery?

When it comes to gastric balloon surgery in India, it is a very simple procedure wherein the surgeon is seen placing inside soft and expandable balloon made up of silicone inserted like a deflated format.  You can find the balloon filled with stuff like sterile saline having small size catheter the moment you find the stomach reaching out to a safer option. If you have a body mass index reaching to 30 to 40 percent then you are the ideal candidate to approach best gastric balloon surgeon in India for the said surgery. You need to do a couple of things in order to make yourself eligible for the surgery otherwise you are likely to see certain complications.

Procedure & Recovery – Gastric Balloon Surgery

The procedure of gastric balloon surgery in India deals with inserting the balloon made of silicon pouch via the mouth of the patient using the option of endoscopy. This procedure is often painless and can when the balloon reaches inside it can be inflated with the help of saline. The patients then feel the stomach as full, which reduces the food intake thus leading the process of weight loss. The placement of the balloon carried out in the gastric balloon surgery hospitals in India can take round half an hour to complete and these can be easily monitored the best with the physicians.  Now talking about the recovery elements, the patient can return from the hospital the very same day of surgery. A majority of patients are seen tolerating the balloon without much hassle. However, some may feel nausea, uneasiness and slight amount of discomfort for a number of days that can be managed with some drugs. All in all you can resume your usual life within a week’s time after the surgery.

The Gastric Balloon Surgery - Advantages

When it comes to gastric balloon surgery in India, you can enjoy a number of benefits and some of these are as under:

  • The balloon is easily adjustable and is known to have a good life
  • It is a very much small and simple procedure and thus cannot be called as a major surgery
  • The gastric balloon surgery cost in India is very much affordable as it is not a major procedures
  • The Weight loss is very much linked with a proper diet and exercise but remains very much effective
  • The surgery is very much or relatively less or has no complications as compared to any other major procedures
  • This surgery procedure is quick to accomplish as it takes only 20 minutes to accomplish

Gastric Balloon Surgery in India

One of the key reasons why more and more global patients are flocking for Gastric balloon surgery in India is the cost. In fact, the The gastric balloon surgery cost in India goes to around 70 to 80 percent when compared to the ones found in the developed nations like the US and the UK. In India it can cost you around USD 2800 as it would depend upon the kind of balloon used or the gastric balloon surgeon in India along with other factors.