The Professionalism And Expansion Of Cosmetic Surgery

Jul 6


John Cimble

John Cimble

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With medical tourism playing such a significant role in Thailand's economy, it is small wonder that the nation's government is pulling


out all the stops to ensure that among the best in the world with the lowest prices. Thai doctors have been proficient in cosmetic surgery for decades. At some point, The Professionalism And Expansion Of Cosmetic Surgery  Articles the Thai government knew that cosmetic surgery in Thailand could make a fortune for its people but realized that only world class facilities would make that possible. The results of their grand plan have been astonishing. A remarkable amount of tourists have left high priced procedures at home behind and embraced

Rapid Growth

Thailand was already a major player on the world stage when it came to tourism. Their annual 14 million visitors are responsible for approximately 7% of the nation's GDP. Many years ago, the Thai government decided to improve the country's medical facilities. To say they were successful would be a gross understatement. Thailand now has more than 1,000 medical centers, 300 of which are private with the rest lying in the hands of the government. These medical centers are now the envy of Asia and are comparable to the best that America and Europe have to offer. These world class facilities are the perfect compliment to the world class surgeons that ply their trade.

Skilled Surgeons

Cosmetic surgery in Thailand has been available for more than 20 years. Contained within these centers are surgeons that have been practicing cosmetic surgery for all this time. These men and women have trained abroad in some of the best medical schools in the world. Their dedication and skill are legendary with Thai doctors traditionally among the highest performing students in any classroom. The government will not allow any surgeon to perform unless they have met extremely stringent standards of skill and professionalism. They know that it would be a devastating blow to the nation if less than superb surgeons were allowed to hold a scalpel. This is why medical tourists flock to Thai shores because they understand that only the most elite surgeons are allowed perform this type of procedure.

No Errors

With well over a million medical tourists traveling in a bid to undergo cosmetic surgery in Thailand each year, there is no margin for error. The entire medical tourism industry is worth $20 billion with patients flocking to countries like Singapore, Mexico and Costa Rica for low cost surgical procedures. Thailand is keen to grab an even larger slice of this pie and have an excellent change of doing so. Central American countries have little in their favor barring price. Cosmetic surgery in Thailand is far safer than anywhere else outside the so called 'First World'. In fact, cosmetic surgery in Thailand is said to be superior to that found in America and Europe by those who have went under the knife in Thailand.

Best of all, cosmetic surgery in Thailand costs only a fraction of the price of the same procedure in America. With thousands of glowing testimonials, it seems likely that cosmetic surgery in Thailand can only increase in popularity.