The Saline Breast Implant Device Is The Safest Breast Implant Currently In Production

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The saline breast implant is the best breast implant if safety is the patient's primary concern. Saline implants have rightfully earned the world wide reputation of being the safest breast implant device currently in production.

Breast implant devices are either filled with silicone gel or they are filled with a saltwater-base saline solution. Both types of implants are available for breast augmentation surgeries performed in the United States. Each type of implant does have its own unique pros and cons. This article will discuss the pros and cons of the saline breast implant device. 

While the inside of a saline breast implant is filled with a harmless saline solution,Guest Posting it's important to note that the implants outer shell is made of silicone gel. Both silicone and saline implant devices utilize a silicone shell to contain the filler. The surface area of the outer shell can either be smooth or it can be textured. 

When an implant device is placed into the breast pocket, it can be inserted into three different locations: subglandular (on top of your chest muscle), partial submuscular (when most of the implant is covered by the muscle), and complete submuscular (the implant is inserted entirely under the muscle). Saline implants can be placed in any of those three possible positions. Additionally, there are three different types of incisions: around the nipple, at the breast crease, the armpit, or at the belly button. Depending on your specific goals, your surgeon will help you determine which incision is best for your procedure. Saline implants can be inserted into the breast pocket using any of the three types of incisions. 

Over a long enough time line, all breast implants will inevitably rupture and leak their interior filler. However, only saline breast implant devices leak harmless filler that the human body will absorb and pass out of the body via urination. Silicone gel implants - when ruptured - will leak silicone gel into the body. 

Saline implants deflate quite rapidly which allows for almost immediate visible detection. Women that experience a ruptured saline breast implant will be able to detect the rupture within a few days whereas a ruptured silicone gel implant could leak for years before visible detection is possible. Because of the slow leakage associated with a ruptured silicone implant, the FDA currently recommends that women who have silicone implant devices have an MRI performed once every two years. The MRI will help detect whether or not their implants have ruptured. 

Do you enjoy having surgical scars? Few people do. Silicone gel implants are filled with silicone at the factory while saline implants leave the factory still empty. That basically means that saline implants can be placed into the breast pocket via very tiny incisions while silicone implants require much larger surgical incisions. If scarring is a major concern of yours, then you should select the saline implant device for your surgery.

Saline implants were originally developed by a French physician named Arion. His goal was to create a breast implant device that used harmless filler. The concept was well accepted by the medical community and the public. His saline implants have been serving the breast augmentation industry for over 50 years. While the saline implant has undergone some design changes throughout its history, the changes have been minor. The most significant design change was a switch to a room temperature vulcanized exterior shell.  

One potential drawback to the saline implant is its propensity to ripple. When rippling occurs, the surface area of the implant will scrunch together. That rippled surface on the implant will transfer to the surface skin of the breast and create an unsightly breast appearance. One method for reducing the potential for rippling is to over inflate the implant. 

Is implant cost a concern for you? Saline implants are typically 30% less expensive than traditional silicone implants. The price difference is most likely attributed to the fact that they use a saltwater solution as filler (much less expensive to produce than silicone gel) and the implant did not suffer through a fourteen clinical trial by the FDA. 

One of the well known character traits of the saline implant is its inability to mimic real breast tissue. The saline solution creates a water balloon like feel when the implant is squeezed in the hand while the consistency of liquid silicone creates a more life like representation of breast tissue. The more modern saline implant designs are better at mimicking real breast tissue. If you are curious as to which implant feels the best in your hand, consult with a plastic surgeon and ask him to let you squeeze both implants. That way you can decide for yourself which implant feels more like real breast tissue. 

If you're considering purchasing breast implants, you'll want to perform plenty of research. The internet is a great starting point for gathering information. Outside of gathering general information about breast augmentation surgery and the different types of breast implants currently available, you can also join user groups and user forums that discuss plastic surgery procedures. You will find many women on these forums that have undergone breast augmentation surgery. These forums are free to join and participate in plastic surgery discussions with other like minded individuals. By sharing your questions and concerns on the forums, you will acquire plenty of valuable input from women who have already experienced the exact surgery you are considering. 

While the internet is a great source of information for just about any subject, you should not rely solely on the information you find online when it comes to making your final decision regarding plastic surgery. You should consult face to face with a plastic surgeon to find out if a particular procedure is right for you. Only a licensed physician in your state should guide you with your health-related decisions. Good luck!

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