Tips For Avoiding an Unnatural Over Done Lip Augmentation

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A well performed lip augmentation should be an enhancement of the natural features of the lips.  Big fat lips should be avoided as a sign of excess and lack of aesthetic understanding. 

One of the noticeable signs of aging is a thinning of the lips along with the loss of the contour of the lip itself. A youthful lip has more central fullness than lateral fullness. A youthful lip has a well defined white roll,Guest Posting the thin white band between the wet mucosa of the lip and the skin of the lip. The white roll or vermillion is more prominent on the lower lip than the upper lip. The upper lip is really a polar opposite of the lower lip with a central fullness that fits into a central groove on the lower lip. Ideally the lips should be divided into one third upper and two thirds lower lip; that is, the upper lip is slightly smaller than the lower. However, on some faces this may not look natural at all for their facial shape and contour. This is a feature that must be individualized. The goal in lip enhancement is to create a beautiful, natural, full lip appearance.

  • The most common method of lip enhancement is temporary augmentation with a hyaluronic acid (HA) product. This is an immediate and effective method of enhancing not only lip volume but shape as well.
  • There are some permanent and semi permanent products available but these may be avoided because of the long term risk of chronic lumpiness, chronic inflammation or migration of the filler.
  • Synthetic lip implants have been used in the past, these were constructed of cloth type material know as Gortex. These often feel unnatural with scarring and contraction
  • Non-synthetic treated cadaver dermis has been utilized for lip augmentation with limited success
  • Fat injections can be a viable alternative in some individuals and have the added bonus of lasting longer than some of the injectable materials.

When selecting a physician for lip augmentation you must check credentials. There are varying degrees of expertise when dealing with lip enhancement. It is helpful to know exactly what you would like your lips to look like. Do some initial research; look at photographs of real patients injected by your doctor. Understand that the creation of big lips is not the goal. The goal is beautiful, contoured lips that enhance your facial features without being overpowering.

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