Trimming Nasal Hairs - A male grooming guide

Apr 12




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There are millions of us out there who have awoken one unassuming morning to discover that we are now officially aging. Looking in the mirror, dismay strikes as we stare at a long, lone, stray nasal hair poking out of our nostril!And for those of you who have not experienced excess nasal hair beware because it is on its way! Thick unwanted nasal hairs protruding from your nostrils are not a pretty sight and are a serious grooming faux pas, but our nasal hair grooming tips will soon have your nasal passage looking ship shape.


Fear Not,Trimming Nasal Hairs - A male grooming guide Articles Nasal Hair Growth Is Normal

As men approach that golden age of 30 it is not uncommon to get odd strands of nasal hair protruding from the depths of your nose. The bad news is that once you start to notice these stray nasal hairs more and more nasal hair will start to emerge as you get older. Left untreated you run the risk of looking like one of those old chaps we've all seen on the bus who appears to have a rodent shoved up his nose!Nasal hair is designed to act as a filter and prevent dirt from entering your nose. Nasal hairs act as a barrier against daily pollutants. These rogue nasal hairs have always been there but with time and hormonal changes they start to grow, and why they do this no one really knows.

Nasal Hair does perform an important function but if your nasal hairs are growing out of control simply give them a trim to avoid those unwanted stares!

First things first, trimming unwanted nasal hair will not make them grow back thicker and faster. So relax and feel free to trim any nose hair that you are conscious of. There are a few do's and don'ts when it comes to trimming nasal hair so here are the m-sxl nasal hair grooming tips:

  • Trimming is the key word in nasal hair grooming. You should never pluck nasal hairs, so don't use tweezers. Plucking not only hurts, but it can also cause small lesions that can lead to infection. In addition some nasal hair is good to protect your nasal passage and keep it clean. We only want to trim those unsightly nasal hairs.
  • Trim the protruding nasal hairs with a pair of blunt-ended scissors or an electric nose hair trimmer. If using scissors take care and trim only as far as you can easily see in a mirror don't stick the scissors up your nasal passage unless you like the Daniela Westbrooke look! You may find it useful to push the tip of your nose upwards to give better access to trim your nasal hairs.
  • The best way to trim unwanted nasal hair is probably with a nasal hair trimmer and there are a number of nasal hair trimmers on the market. Nasal hair trimmers are specifically designed to trim nasal hair quickly, safely and painlessly. Nasal hair trimmers trim nasal hair using either a rotating blade which spins in one continuous direction, or an oscillating blade which rotates left to right. Both styles deliver good results but it is believed that an oscillating blade is less painful. Again don't insert the nasal hair trimmer too far up your nasal passage; as mentioned earlier some nasal hair is necessary for protection against dust and germs. We are not aiming for complete nasal baldness just trimming the unsightly nasal hairs.

Recommended Nasal Hair Trimmers

Panasonic Nose Hair Trimmer

The Panasonic hair trimmer uses a rotary blade system with circular blade action, which effectively trims along the inside of the nasal wall. Equipped with a special "guide comb" around the blade, it is designed to prevent the blade from actually touching the skin, providing a smooth and clean shave.

Turbo-Groomer 5.0

The Turbo-Groomer 5.0 offers dual cutting heads with rotary blades made from Swiss surgical stainless steel. One interchangeable head has rotary blades that spin at 6,000 rpm while the other offers a more precise trimmer. It features two practical Ice White LED "headlights" that eliminate shadows, making sure you don't miss a spot.

Trimming those unwanted nasal hairs only takes a few seconds. When performed as part of a regular grooming routine it will really make a difference to your appearance. So don't let things get out of hand - make a habit of removing overgrown nasal hairs before someone else notices them!