Types Of Face Masks That You Should Use While Going Outside During the COVID-19 Crisis!

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Wearing masks is one of the primary ways to reduce the risk of spreading the virus, which is why everyone has been advising the usage of masks since day one. This article is going to talk about the main types of face masks you can wear outside, as well as some general tips about wearing them.

Bandanas and Handkerchiefs

Perhaps the most simple type,Guest Posting these are barely even masks. A more accurate term to call them is face coverings. Basically, bandanas, handkerchiefs, or any other piece of cloth wrapped around your face can function as a very basic form of a mask. Naturally, these face coverings provide very little protection to you. Therefore, only wear them when you have no option available, and try to get a better quality mask for when you step outside.

Cloth Masks

Cloth Masks are the most commonly used type of masks. This is because their lightweight cloth materials make the masks light and breathable. Having multiple layers of fiber can reduce the risk of contracting the virus by filtering out up to 35% of the particles.

These face masks come in many designs as well. You can buy colorful face masks online even as a fashion statement. Cloth Masks are cheaply available because they can be mass-produced and also made at home.

Filter Masks

A simple way to boost the effectiveness of cloth Masks is to add a filter layer within the mesh. These filters are usually made of tightly knit synthetic fibers or plastics. Such filter masks can easily provide 50%-75% filtration of suspended particles.

However, these masks aren't the best at stopping you from spreading the virus, because the vents allow the unfiltered air you exhale to pass through. Thus, people who suspect they are positive should try and use other types of face masks.

Surgical Masks

Surgical Masks are disposable in nature and are usually blue or white in color. A thin paper-like strip along with strings to wear it can be used to make surgical masks. They are built using special processes that allow the mesh to filter out about 60% of the suspended particles, and are useful to protect against sprays and splatters.

Surgical masks are disposable, that is, you should not wear them more than a couple of times, because they are not washable and the dirt and particles start collecting on the surface. 

Surgical masks are some of the most effective types of masks because of their affordable pricing, and high filtration rates, with the light build making them comfortable to wear for longer durations.

Cone Shaped Masks

These types of face masks are best made to fit correctly on the face. Even though they provide less safety than surgical and cloth masks, because of the fact that it is a cone and does not stick to your mouth and nose, it becomes very comfortable to wear and breathe in. A small metal strip is located at the top, which you can use to fix and adjust the mask to the bridge of your nose.

Respirator Masks

Respirators are the most secure types of masks that are specifically made to allow you to breathe safely in outdoor conditions. Unlike other masks that are meant to protect others from your coughs and droplets, respirator Masks are primarily for the protection of the wearer themselves. 

Respirator Masks include N95 masks. N95 masks are named so because they filter 95% of the particles away from entering your breath. This makes these masks extremely effective at blocking out the virus coming from outside. N95 masks are based on the standards of the Centre of Disease Control, USA.

Similarly, DN95 masks are pretty much the same, but their standards are set and approved according to Chinese specifications. Similar to N95 masks, there are also other respirators such as N99 and N100 masks that provide an even higher level of filtration for the wearer. N95 masks are much more expensive than usual masks and it is suggested that instead of wearing one for public use, it is better to provide them to doctors and other frontline workers who are most at risk.

General Tips for Masks
  • Double Masking is becoming one of the most highly recommended practices. Because of the multiple mutations of coronavirus that make it more spreadable, doctors have advised wearing two masks at the same time, as the double filtration lessens the chances of contracting the virus even further.
  • Wash your cloth masks regularly. Masks can get dirty with your sweat and external pollution. Even beyond the risk of Coronavirus, you should still make sure to follow general hygiene practices.
  • Make sure to dispose of your medical masks and wear fresh ones. Medical masks are not meant to be reused as they get dirty very easily and lose the filtering strength early.
  • Always keep a spare mask handy in case you lose the one that you have or if it gets damaged or torn.
  • Wear your masks at all times when you are outside or in contact with other people. Even a moment's inattentiveness can be deadly seeing how easily the virus can spread.
  • Make sure that you also guide and advise others to wear a face mask as much as possible. Remember, even though you do it as a personal responsibility, wearing masks to reduce the coronavirus is a community effort. For this, if you spot someone without a mask, politely ask them to put it on in public.

Face masks come in a wide variety. Understanding which one you can buy depends on how much you can spend on these masks. As a rule of thumb, it is advised to buy the thickest mask that you can tolerate, irrespective of cost, so that you can afford the best protection for yourself.


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