24 Face Masks We Like to Wear

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The current situation of the world has not been easy for the people. The pandemic has affected millions of people all around the world, killing thousands of people and infecting 65% of the world's population according to the latest research of WHO (world health organization).

To stop the spread of the Covid-19 the center for disease control and prevention has recommended citizens to wear nonmedicated face masks to stop the disease. In many countries,Guest Posting the citizens are fined and prohibited to go outside without wearing a mask. With that said Australia has put a heavy fine on the local citizens who go outside without wearing a mask or even for no reason at all. There are strict lockdowns and people are prohibited to mingle outside. 

You must stay home as much as you can and wear a mask when you have to go out for something important and keep six feet distance from everyone around you. As face masks have been made compulsory many people and companies bought surgical masks and sanitizers in a bulk and have been selling them at a much higher price. Which is why many people considered making DIY masks for themselves from old cloth. This later became a trend and the fashion industry copied the idea and made customized face masks from cloth for people. The customers liked the idea and have been buying customized masks that matched their outfit. The idea brought so much of an influence that the face masks became a fashion trend. The cloth mask is reusable and they come in different sizes as per the face size. People started to like wearing masks at all times. 

You can also make a customized face mask at home. The only issue with the home-made DIY masks or customized masks is that after some time or re-using the mask the cloth becomes a little ragged and loses its elastic grip. These masks then get loose and are not able to cover your mouth and nose. The cloth masks are more like dust masks and they can only be worn straight for eight hours. After that, you need to wash it to re-use it. The masks that people like to wear include,

  • Tom Bihn Reusable face mask, has seven colors and two sizes.
  • Outdoor research mask, three colors and three sizes
  • Trew two-layer face mask, stretchy polyester mask
  • Hedley & Bennett The Wake-Up and Fight Mask, the most conformable mask
  • MaskShon Simon Co. Black Face Mask
  • Struct Cotton Pleated Mask, pack of 6
  • Old Navy Variety, pack of five and usually for kids
  • Safe-Mate, disposable face mask
  • Buff CoolNetmask made for working out
  • Sanctuaryfashion mask
  • Cotopaxi Teca, woven face masks
  • Kitsbow Wake Protech, reusable face mask and a fashion choice
  • AYJ, adult face masks and worn mostly by bikers
  • Shon Simon Co.
  • PADI Gear, recycle face mask
  • Timbuk2
  • Courtyard LA, silk face mask
  • The Mighty Company, colorful and smiley face masks

And the list just goes on. The above are the most liked and mostly worn face masks that are all customized and made using attractive approaches to motivate people to wear them.

Anti Pollution Face Mask

Before the pandemic, many states like Italy, India, and China Electra had been motivating their local citizens to wear anti-pollution face masks. The counties faced the most air pollution and to stop the spread of respiratory diseases these countries had a death rate of 60,000 people dying every year due to air pollution. These masks were highly recommended in such areas but sadly not all anti-pollution masks are as good. 

Dust Mask Reusable

Wearing a mask is not easy, it can be depressing. Even a normal person cannot bear wearing a mask continuously. Due to the difficulty of breathing doctors have recommended only to wear masks in crowded areas. Heart patients and people having breathing issues are told not to wear a mask for longer hours. A dust mask is a cloth mask that is multi-layered and stops 70% of dust particles from entering your respiratory system. These masks can only be worn up to eight hours straight. After that, they have to be washed before re-using them. It is best if you change the mask after some time.

Comfort Wearing Dust Masks

We cannot say that wearing masks is comfortable for anyone but to make effective use of the mask make sure that the mask covers your nose and mouth properly and is not too loose or tight. Do not throw the mask or stuff it somewhere keeps it properly so it does not get tangled and can be torn. Wear a mask when you are entering a crowd and keep your distance as safety comes before everything.

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