Use Oil Free Moisturizers If You Want A Dry And Dull Skin!

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Many People resort to Oil Free Moisturizers to achieve a wrinkle free and glowing skin. But, that is a fatal mistake on their part. I can just hope you are not among the ones using oil free moisturizers as they are just a sheer waste of your hard earned money!

Many People are resorting to Oil Free Moisturizers these days to achieve a wrinkle free and glowing skin. But,Guest Posting that is a fatal mistake on their part. I can just hope you are not among the ones using oil free moisturizers as they are just a sheer waste of your hard earned money!Logically speaking, there is no problem in assuming that oil free moisturizer can work effectively for your skin health. But the scientific reality is very different. I shall give you the scientific reasons why oil free moisturizers lead to a dry and dull skin.We think that oil based skin care moisturizers contain oils that clog our skin. This is definitely true for a large part of the sub standard moisturizer brands because they use mineral oils as their ingredient! Just imagine the amount of damage mineral oils can do to your skin's moisture balance.Skin care moisturizer manufacturers use mineral oils because they are cheap. But mineral oils are not meant to moisturize human skin. They clog the skin's pores and leave them suffocating for fresh oxygen. The unnourished and suffocated skin cells are unable to be free of the toxins that are present in them and this toxic accumulation then takes other dangerous forms of release.It leads to acne eruptions, allergies, skin inflammation, rashes and many other skin disorders. Now this is not what one would expect to get after applying a skincare moisturizer. But this is what they get when they use skincare moisturizer with mineral oils in them.This frightens most people and they naturally resort to oil free moisturizers. But, that is yet another big mistake and another extreme. What they don't realize is that our skin also has natural oils that are vital for skin health and nourishment. These natural oils play vital role in keeping our skin soft, supple and moist.It is important to preserve these oils as they get lost from our skin due to various factors like stress, pollution, etc. And a dry skin is highly vulnerable to infections, rashes, wrinkles and an accelerated skin aging.Therefore the need is to avoid the mineral oils that are present in sub standard moisturizers. Oil free moisturizers will not be of much help for effective skin rejuvenation, as they will not help restore the balance of natural oils in the skin.There are many beneficial natural oils that work effectively for aging skin rejuvenation. Contrary to general opinion, they do not leave a sticky and greasy feeling after application and are easily absorbed by the body. They are light and gentle and they do not clog the skin pores.Some of these natural oils are -1) Grapeseed oil - This oil works as an effective antioxidant. It counters free radical damage to the skin cells before it occurs. Free radical damage is one of the prime causes of premature skin aging. Grapeseed oil creates a protective layer over the skin and keeps the vital natural oils safe inside. It is rich in linoleic acid which is very beneficial for skin youth. Can your oil free moisturizer give you this benefit?2) Babassu - This is a type of natural gentle wax. Don't think that wax means something that would cover up your skin and choke it. In fact, it creates a layer of protection over the skin that prevents dirt and grime from entering within and also helps in retaining the vital skin moisture and essential oils.Babassu is made from babassu oil. This oil is derived from the kernel of the babassu fruit that is found in the Amazon. Babassu works very well for all types of skin complexion persons- whether dry or oily.This just a few natural oils that I mentioned, while there are many more wonderful ones that are surprising the medical community and users alike by their effective role in skin anti aging and rejuvenation. Thus, you can clearly see that by resorting to oil free moisturizers, you miss so much of the magnificent gains that such natural oils could give your skin. These natural oils play a vital role in maintaining skin firmness and youth, which lasts for many of your mature years.I have dedicated my website for the research of such natural oils and substances that have been clinically proven in anti aging and skin rejuvenation naturally.

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