Various Types of Forceps

Apr 17


Brandon Smitherston

Brandon Smitherston

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An overview of 21 forceps detailing the use, allias and name of the following forceps... Adson Bipolar Forceps, Adson Brown Forceps, Adson forceps, Back Biting Forceps, Bayonette Bipolar Forceps, Bayonette Forceps, Bishop Harmon Forceps, Bonney Forceps, Cushing Forceps, Debakey Forceps, Detrich Forceps, Glover straight forceps, Pituitary Forceps, Rainey Forceps, Rat Tooth Forceps, Russian Forceps, Sinus biting Forcep, Sinus Forceps, Sponge Forceps, Sponge Stick, Takahashi Forceps, Up biting forceps.

Surgical Instrument: Adson Bipolar Forceps
Purpose: Coagulation
Details: By providing less thermal dispersion. These forceps are bi-polar and dont require a ground pad like a bovie. Most frequently used around nerves and delicate vessels for small orthopedic surgery.

Surgical Instrument: Adson Brown Forceps
Purpose: Holding
Details: Differentiated from regular adsons with teeth. Commonly used in cosmetic and ENT surgery.

Surgical Instrument: Adson forceps
Alias: Skin Forceps
Purpose: Holding
Details: Normal forcep for use in skin suturing forcep mostly used for closing cutaneous wounds

Surgical Instrument: Back Biting Forceps
Alias: Back Biter
Details: Rotating allows cutting tissue,Various Types of Forceps Articles bone & cartiage during sinus surgery.

Surgical Instrument: Bayonette Bipolar Forceps
Purpose: Coagulation
Details: May also have an irrigation tip.

Surgical Instrument: Bayonette Forceps
Purpose: Holding
Details: Mostly seen in Neurosurgery & E.N.T

Surgical Instrument: Bishop Harmon Forceps
Alias: Bishops
Purpose: Holding
Details: Is typically used when trying to approach cosmetic surgery from a careful approach.

Surgical Instrument: Bonney Forceps
AKA: Bonneys
Purpose: Holding
Details: Mainly used for heavy pick up of fascia near the peritoneum.

Surgical Instrument: Cushing Forceps
Purpose: Grasping
Details: Typically seen when picking up craniotomies.

Surgical Instrument: Debakey Forceps
Purpose: Grasping
Details: Commonly used to pick up and firmly graspsoft tissue, vessels and bowel.

Surgical Instrument: Detrich Forceps
Purpose: Holding
Details: Much smaller but comparable to the debakey forceps. Detrich forceps are a fine vascular pickup

Surgical Instrument: Glover, straight
Purpose: To clamp
Details: A big clamp for vascular, non-traumatic

Surgical Instrument: Pituitary Forceps
Purpose: Holding
Details: Obtainable in different angles.

Surgical Instrument: Rainey Forceps
Purpose: Cautery
Details: Mistaken with a bipolar, this has monopolar current & therefore requires a grounding pad.

Surgical Instrument: Rat Tooth Forceps
Alias: Toothed pick ups
Details: Typically seen and used for the closure of the belly button or sometimes for laparoscopic surgery.

Surgical Instruments: Russian Forceps
Purpose: Holding
Details: Non-emgerncy multi-purpose graber

Surgical Instrument: Sinus biting Forcep
Purpose: Grasping/Cutting
Details: Mainly used for grasping and cutting into the sinus cavities.

Surgical Instrument: Sinus Forceps
A.K.A.: Straight biter
Purpose: Cutting/Grasping
Details: Used in sinus surgery as a primary grasper

Surgical Instruments: Sponge Forceps
AKA: Sponge Stick
Purpose: Grasping
Details: Is frequently used for direct dissection #& sponge forceps are used in dabbing an open abdominal surgeries.

Surgical Instrument: Takahashi Forceps
Purpose: Holding
Details: A sinus graber which can also be used for ENT nasal.

Surgical Instrument: Up biting forceps
Purpose: Grasping
Details: Used for holding and tearing during sinus & nasal surgery.

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