Using Essential Oils for Cough Relief

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Essential oils are long known to us since thousands of years but still less used. They are derived from certain plants with proven healing abilities through steam destination. We can say that the essential contain the essence, the life force of the plants. They are highly concentrated and are usually used diluted or in essential oils diffusers. There are many common benefits between different essential oils but there are also many specific and unique benefits for each essential oil.

Essential Oils As Natural Solution to Combat Cough and Cold Symptoms

Most of us have had a cold,Guest Posting allergy, or another problem that caused a nasty cough, or a runny nose. To relief the symptoms of a common cold, we tend to take anti-inflammatories that have various side effects but act fast and relief the symptoms efficiently. Against a cough we most often take expectorants or suppressants, both of which are chemical products that should be taken with caution. For a runny or blocked nose that can be caused by flu, cold, or allergy our most common choices are the antihistamines or products like xylomethazoline that shrink the nasal vessels reducing the discharges and relieving the blocked nose. But I am sure that you have heard about using essential oils to relief the symptoms of colds and cough.
All of those medicines we use are well established in our daily life since a long time and we are used to them too much. Also, they would be the doctors’ first choice and, to be honest, those drugs are proven to be very efficient, but all of them often have unwanted side effects. Another issue is that when we use them too often our body gets used to those medicines and they become less efficient with the time.
Different natural solutions can replace the drugs and efficiently relief cough and cold symptoms. Those are different herbal preparations used for sentries to treat different conditions but they work slowly and require extended usage to see improvement. My personal, natural choice will be the essential oils. The essential oils have real healing properties as well as many other benefits. Today they are extensively used in natural skin and hair care products and in different spa procedures for treating various problems.

 The healing power of essential oils

There are many similarities between the various essential oils such as anti-bacterial effects and the skin and hair regeneration properties. The lack of knowledge leads many people to use essential oils in based on their fragrance (or availability at home), considering that the beneficial effects will be similar. I have read in many blogs for homemade cosmetics where the common recommendation is to use few drops of essential oils of choice. This is a very general concept and will prevent from revealing their full potential. Even they share some properties each essential oil has its own unique qualities and when used in the right dose and combination with other essential oils will deliver fantastic benefits.
For cough and cold relief camphor, peppermint and eucalyptus are well known for decades. They are used in many commercial preparations like the Vicks Vaporub.
Oregano essential oil, for example, has a good antiviral and antibacterial properties and it can help boosting the immune system which makes it perfect for combating infections. But when combined with tea tree essential oils its antimicrobial strengths are significantly improved and with few drops of camphor essential oils it additionally boosts the immune system and rapidly reliefs the cough. The right combination of essential oils can fight even infections as bronchitis where the doctors tend to prescribe antibiotics.

 How to use essential oils for colds and cough?

Essential oils can be used in so many various ways that allow different applications. Several essential oils can help with bronchitis. There can help loosen the mucous and make the cough more productive. They can enhance the immune system and eliminates bacteria and viruses. With the right combinations and application, the essential oils will relief the cough and the cold symptoms as efficient as the commonly used drugs.
The essential oils that appear to give the most relief for those suffering from bronchitis include: Camphor, Eucalyptus, Lavender, Peppermint, and Frankincense are most commonly used to help lung congestion and relief cough. Cedarwood, Oregano, Pine needle, and Tea tree will help fighting bacteria and viruses causing cough or a runny nose.

 Topical use of essential oils to relief cough

The most common way is to make topical remedies. Camphor and menthol are natural treatments for cough used for centuries and today in many popular salves. They usually come in an ointment you rub on your throat and chest. Their strong-smelling vapours may ease your cough and open up your stuffy head. Using essential oils as a topical remedy will require diluting them in a carrier oil. They are highly concentrated and when directly applied to the skin can burn and cause a rash. A carrier oil is a natural plant oil that can quickly dissolve the essential oils and facilitate their absorption into the skin. Good choice for carrier oil could be raw, unrefined coconut oil which is slowly absorbed and excellent for a long lasting effect. For oily skin grapeseed oil would be perfect as it is rapidly absorbed without leaving a greasy feeling.

Bronchitis chest rub
Eucalyptus – 12 drops
Camphor – 10 drops
Peppermint – 5 drops
Thyme – 5 drops
1 ounce coconut oil (carrier oil)
Slightly melt the coconut oil on a stove or in a microwave, and leave to cool to 140F. Mix well and gently rub a small amount on your chest and throat several times a day.
I prefer to use more complete recipes for salves to ensure the maximum benefits of the essential oils like this cough and cold salve with camphor.

 Inhalation of essential oils

To inhale essential oils for cough relief add few drops in a bowl of hot water, drape a towel over your head and breathe in deeply for 10-15 minutes. If the water is too hot or boiling, you will inhale steam, and this can have some negative effect on your respiratory system. Again I would advise using a combination of several essential oils for maximum effect. You can also apply oils to a cotton ball, tissue, or handkerchief. Carry it around with you and inhale liberally. Make sure you don’t use any synthetic materials.
Another very useful method for inhalation is to use essential oils diffuser. You can use the same combinations for diffuser as for the other inhalation methods. The benefit is that you can put the diffuser in your bedroom and inhale during all the night. This will relief your cough and nose and let you sleep well and comfortable.

For inhalation use the following combination:
Camphor essential oil – 10 drops
Peppermint essential oil – 5 drops
Thyme essential oil – 5 drops
Eucalyptus essential oil – 5 drops
Lavender essential oil – 5 drops
Blend well and use one of these ways – Put in about 10 drops in a bowl of steaming hot water and let the steam fill the air, place several drops on a tissue or use in essential oils diffuser. This blend is also great for children. Again use caution with small children. It is best to use in a diffuser in their bedroom for a long term, low concentration diffusing.
Remember when making blends for any health concern – to try a combination of two or 3 oils to start with. Try never to blend more than 5-6 oils together at one time if you are not sure what you are doing.

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