Vision Care – Your Eyes Your Health

Jul 10


Francisco Gonzalez

Francisco Gonzalez

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The Top 10 Eye Care Tips to protect your eyes.Resources and Information on Eye Care and Vision Diseases.


Vision care is all about protecting your eyes,Vision Care – Your Eyes Your Health Articles and eye health care should always be high up on your list of priorities. You only get one pair of eyes so vision eye care is important. The aim of this article is to provide you with information on vision eye care and how to get the most from your vision.

You will find information on eye care safety advice as well as information on the various eye health care products and how to use them safely and properly.

The Top 10 Eye Care Tips

If eye health care is important to you then follow these 10 vision eye care recommendations and start taking care of your prized possessions.

1. If you want to ensure eye health care, Don’t smoke. It has been proven that smokers have a higher risk of developing eye health care problems and diseases than non-smokers. The chemicals in tobacco actually damage the blood vessels behind the eyes which increases the risk of developing macular degeneration that is age related.

2. Vision eye care is also necessary every time you take a shower. If you wear contact lenses take them out. People who don’t remove their contact lenses risk contaminating their eyes and this can lead to a potentially blinding infection of the cornea. So remember if you wear contacts think eye health care and remove them before showering, swimming, or using a hot tub.

3. This also relates to vision eye care and contact lenses. Never use tap or bottled water to rinse your lenses or lens case.

4. If you are doing any sort of DIY, eye health care means wearing safety glasses.

5. Never allow your child to wear toy sunglasses. Ensure proper vision eye care by checking that the Kids glasses really do filter out at least 99% of UVA and UVB rays. Toy sunglasses that use tinted lenses actually dilate the pupil and this allows more UV light to enter the eyes.

6. Eye health care means never sharing your cosmetics, face clothes, or handkerchiefs as this can lease to a higher risk of infection.

7. If you wear makeup the proper eye health care regime will be to remove it before you go to bed. Leaving eye make up on overnight can lead to sore and irritated eyes.

8. If you get something in your eye don’t rub it. Proper eye health care will involve lifting the upper eyelid outwards and gently pulling it down over the lower lashes. This will cause tears to flow which should wash away the object.

9. Never use vision eye care products or cosmetics that have passed their expiry date.

10. For the best eye health care, make sure you have a regular eye examination. It is recommended that you have an eye test every two years.

If you follow all these eye health care tips you are sure to have excellent vision for many years to come.

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