What Are The Common Problems With The Wisdom Teeth?

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Tooth decays are also common. In many people gum diseases also occur.  These are positioned behind the last molars in both the jaws.

Wisdom teeth are the last of the molars to erupt. Unlike all other permanent teeth,Guest Posting these usually appear between the age of 18 to 24. These are positioned behind the last molars in both the jaws. There are two (one each) on both sides of each jaw. Problems occur when its time for the teeth to erupt. You might not have enough space in your mouth for extra teeth. This situation is known as impacted. In some people it might cause no problems at all but, there are people who feel pain and discomfort if they are not properly placed in expected positions.

There are also other problems like – sometimes such teeth penetrate partially through the gums. These partially erupted wisdom teeth cause a lot of problems. It is difficult to clean at the corners. Thus, the surrounding gums get inflamed. There is also bacterial growths and plaque. Tooth decays are also common. In many people gum diseases also occur. Sometimes, misplaced or improperly developed wisdom teeth can cause damage to the neighboring molars. But, how would you know that the problems you are facing are because of suchlike dental eruptions? Given below are certain symptoms that should indicate that there is a need for you to pay a visit to the dental clinic:

1. Pain is the commonest symptom. You could experience pain around the jaws or the area around the wisdom tooth. You will feel severe pain and discomfort while eating or chewing.

2. You can also experience stiffness in the jaws. It might be too painful for you to move your jaws. Stiffness in jaws will affect your speech.

3. It is obvious that severe discomfort and irritation is one of the commonest signs of problems in the wisdom teeth. An awkwardly developed tooth will cause discomfort when it gets rubbed with the tongue or cheek.

4. All these pains and infections can cause swelling of the mouth. When the wisdom teeth rupture, they damage the gums and the tissues around the mouth. Sometimes the emergence of an extra tooth makes the mouth crowded. It can even change the dental alignment of a person. This can distort dentition and can change the appearance of the face.

If you are experiencing these problems, you should immediately contact a reputed dentist. However, before choosing a professional, make it a point to check whether s/he is experienced in dealing with wisdom teeth. Kittanning, PA is where a few of the best ones are based.

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