What Causes Dark Circles and Puffiness?

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Dark Circles and Puffy eyes are one of the biggest complaints when it comes to dealing with the skin under the eyes. The author talks about this subject and give the best tips regarding how to not only treat them but how to prevent dark circles and puffy eyes before they appear.

                Dark Circles and Puffy eyes are one of the biggest complaints when it comes to dealing with the skin under the eyes. They make you look tired and unhealthy,Guest Posting and for some a lot older than they actually are. For this reason, everyone who has these issues are always looking for a way to treat them from an eye gel to a doctor's visit, but to truly treat dark circles and puffy eyes you have to know how they happened. Below, I have listed the top reasons as to why dark circles and puffy eyes appear; check them out and see if any of them sound like a valid reason of why these eye skin issues are happening to you.

1.)    Living an Unhealthy Lifestyle: This involves a bad diet, bad exercise routine and introducing toxins (like smoking, alcohol consumption, ect) into your body. All of these are not only going to affect the look of your skin, but they are going to affect your whole body and can lead to potentially fatal conditions. So for the sake of your general all around health, live a healthy lifestyle and cut out all the extra toxins that you do not need.

2.)    Hereditary: Do your parents or other relatives have them? Then chances are you will too. Also those of us who have a fair complexion will be way more likely to have dark circles and puffy eyes. This is due to the fact that the blood vessels under our eyes are going to show through fairer skin quicker than other skin types.

3.)    Lack of Sleep and Bad Blood Circulation: Your body needs sleep to give it time to repair itself. Now I do not mean to over sleep, just get the desired 7-8 hours needed and keep it consistent. That is actually a huge thing; have a consistent sleep routine is also something your body needs. When you stay up late one night and are used to sleeping early and waking up early, you are going to through your whole body out of wack for a day or two, which does not help any with puffiness or circles. Also, a lack of sleep or an overabundance of sleep (as well as a lack of exercise) effects the way your blood gets circulated to areas in your body, causing blockages and red blood cells to get out of line and venture into other areas of the body. These causes of bad blood circulation are the major causes of dark circles and puffy eyes.

                Once you have picked the reason for these under eye issues occurring on your skin, then it is time to find the cure. Although, changing your diet or getting enough sleep will definitely be the main cure for dark circles and puffy eyes, the change is not over night. So to help out in the process of not only getting rid of your dark circlesand puffy eyes but leading a healthier lifestyle, using a eye gel or eye cream might be a pretty good idea. Now a day there are so many options to choose from you won't have the problem of finding an eye gel, it will be the problem of picking the RIGHT eye gel. Due to the fact that the under eye area is probably one of the most sensitive skin areas, you need to pick eye gel ingredients that are natural to your skin and very gentle. In that case, looking for first off an eye gel and not a cream would be good. Then, finding ingredients that are organic would cover the natural to your skin and gentle bases. So an organic eye gel would be the best help in getting healthy and ridding your face of dark circles and puffy eyes.

                Changing your life is a hard thing to do, but if you think of the end results, it is worth the challenge.  Eating right, sleeping right, exercising, and just taking care of your body are things we should always be doing but it is not a reality yet. Also using the right skin care products, like the organic eye gel example above, is another healthy lifestyle change. Puffy eyes and dark circleswill not be an issue, if you take care of the causes before it is too late.                                                

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