What is Fungal Infections

Dec 22


Albert Nice

Albert Nice

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Fungal infections are usually caused due to unhygienic conditions. They may create serious medical emergencies if remain undetected or untreated.

Fungal infections are the infections caused due to germs commonly known as fungus. A fungus is nothing but a micro-organism which is neither a plant nor an animal. Generally,What is Fungal Infections Articles the fungus does not cause any problems but sometimes they may cause a serious infection. The fungal infection is common among those with poor immunity levels. What is fungal infection?The human skin is covered with a huge number of harmless germs. But sometimes, these germs may affect your skin leading to an infection. This infection is of two types as follows:• Skin Infection: In this infection, the germs settled on the skin create an infection. • Internal Infection: In this infection, the germs get inside the body and cause an infection. The germs generally enter the body while breathing and cause an internal infection.Following are some of the common fungal infections:• Tinea: This infection is commonly seen in hair scalp, skin and nails. It forms a red patch on the skin which gradually grows in size. This infection is also known as ringworm.• Athlete’s Foot: This infection is usually detected on the feet and hence is called athlete’s foot. The infection generally grows between the toes or sides of the feet.• Jock Itch: This infection is detected in groin and the upper thighs. This infection is caused due to fungus that generally grows in warm and moist areas.• Candida: This infection is generally found around the nails. It is commonly found in babies due to diaper rashes. In women and older girls, this virus can be found around the vagina. This infection may also cause deaths.Symptoms of Fungal Infection:The symptoms of the fungal infection depend upon the type of fungus involved and the area where it is detected. Following are some of the symptoms of fungal infection:• Difficulty while breathing• Swelling of lymph nodes• Severe headache• Hair loss• Depression• Bleeding of nose• Nausea, vomiting• Vision problems• Memory loss• Sudden weight changeOther problems like prolonged coughing, choking, and difficulty while swallowing, dry skin and blood pressure are also some of the symptoms of the fungal infection.Causes of Fungal Infection:Following are some of the causes of fungal infections:• A recent course of antibiotics can lead to fungal infections• Intake of steroids can lead to fungal infections• A diabetic patient is more prone to fungal infections• A poor immune system is also a serious cause of fungal infectionTreatments on Fungal Infections:Following are some of the tips by which you can prevent yourselves from infections:• Taking a thorough bath everyday• Drying your feet and the area between the toes to prohibit any fungal growth• Regular cleaning of the groin area and keeping it dryAn already infected area can be treated by different vaccines and drugs. It’s always safe to consult a doctor before taking any drugs as drugs may also cause infections. Normal 0 false false false EN-US X-NONE X-NONE MicrosoftInternetExplorer4