What is the Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai?

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Are you facing early age hair loss and looking for the best hair transplant clinic in Mumbai but still confused about the hair transplant cost in Mumbai then here we have mentioned everything you need to know read more.

The Hair Transplant Cost in Mumbai is one of the major factors in the selection of the Hair Transplant clinic.

As my practice restricted in Mumbai,Guest Posting I will prefer talking on Hair transplant cost in Mumbai because the cost is a highly variable factor on area and country.

Firstly we have to understand certain things.


What is Hair transplant?

Hair transplant is one of the best &time tested Hair loss treatment in Mumbai.

There are many hair loss treatment in Mumbai are available as the local application of Minoxidil, Ketoconazole shampoo.

Hormonal therapy, vitamin tablet, laser, PRP etc.

But, Hair transplant is considered to be the best hair loss treatment in Mumbai as a hair transplant is a result-oriented treatment in hair loss treatment in Mumbai.


Who needs Hair Transplant?

Hair transplant is best useful in male pattern hair loss. Young males, who have lost their hair at an early age are ideal candidates for hair transplant.

It is important that willingness plays a major role in hair transplant, as Hair transplant is not compulsive treatment. Hair transplant is by enlarging matter of choice.

  Hair transplant procedure cost in Mumbai

The cost Hair transplant in Mumbai, India or in any country depends on multiple factors, the major factors are

1) Known and established clinic and hair transplant surgeon tend to charge more than any newcomer doctor.

2) Amount of work is needed to cover up more bald area more number of hair grafts needs to be transplanted.

3) The patient is fit and young requires no additional care while a patient with co-morbidity require more attention and involvement of more Doctors.

There are many surgeons who are providing hair transplant services.

Someone who is knowledgeable and experienced can charge more.

So how to find the best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai.

Look for qualification for the surgeon. By enlarging Best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai are well qualified and updated with knowledge.

Best transplant surgeon in Mumbai will be able to show you a lot of before after pictures of patients.

Best hair transplant surgeon in Mumbai is just not a tag but it’s respect on Doctor earns with his hard work.

Then, we have just not cheap but the cheapest hair transplant in Mumbai.

In many clinics of hair transplant in Mumbai, clinics are run by non-medico (businessmen).

Hair transplant is sometimes done completely by technicians. Such clinics are usually claiming as cheapest hair transplant in Mumbai.

Cost of such cheapest hair transplant in Mumbai starts from rs. 10,000/- to 20,000/- only INR only.

Forget about instruments but even normal hygiene is also on toss in such so-called ‘cheapest hair transplant in Mumbai.’

Types of hair transplant in Mumbai & cost

There are mainly two types of hair transplant method is available.

FUT:- also known as the strip method of hair transplant.

FUE:- is called a punch method, in which grafts are harvested using small micro — —

In Mumbai, Best Hair transplant clinic, which is Dr Vaibhav Shah clinic is unique method is implemented.

Name of the method is the Hybrid method in this particular method. A good number of grafts are being harvested using a combination of FUT+FUE method.

When there is very limited donor area is available with precision & extreme care. The hybrid method implemented for a maximum number of grafts due to such innovative care & extraordinary effort. Dr Vaibhav Shah’s clinic is known as Mumbai best hair transplant clinic.

— — hair transplant & — — transplant is also done with the best results, Dr.Vaibhav Shah clinic which helps us to maintain the tag it.

‘Mumbai best hair transplant clinic.’


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