What You Eat May Be Eating You Alive

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Ever wonder why 2 people when faced with seemingly identical circumstances, one becomes ill while the other does not or one looks youthful while the other does not?

Cleansing is a very easy way to strengthen your immune system,Guest Posting combat pre-mature aging and manage weight while it helps you to feel good and look great.  Gone are the days of "running" to the bathroom when you take a gradual approach to natural body cleansing.

If you live in the western world, there’s little doubt that you’re leading a hectic lifestyle.

More than at any time in recorded history, our society has changed so dramatically in the past century that the rapid rate of change has placed extraordinary pressures and complexity upon all of us.

On the one hand we can enjoy technologies and convenience never dreamed of by past generations yet much of our foods are now produced in nutritionally depleted soils, processed beyond recognition and out poultry, beef and fish are living in engineered environments.  They are subject to a vast array of chemicals, even genetic engineering, prior to arriving in the supermarket. 

Nutritional values are declining in the face of an over abundant choice of low/no nutrient value food.

Cleansing in combination with nutrient dense food promotes efficient body functions which helps us cope with stress, combats premature aging, maintains a healthy weight and strengthens the immune system to ward off illness so you can go out and live your passion.

Should You Be Planning A Body Cleanse

If you’re not then you perhaps you should be considering natural cleansing.  You've perhaps heard "you are what you eat" and in many cases, the consumption of modern highly processed foods are actually foreign to your body's needs and can build up excessive levels of toxicity hindering your body’s normal elimination and detoxification processes. 

Over time this can contribute to a wide variety of symptoms that if left unchecked, may result in lingering illnesses and diminishing energy levels that impede your ability to get out and enjoy life.

The good news is you don't have to live with the symptoms, or an illness, when you adopt a seasonal program of body nurturing cleansing in conjunction with a more nutritionally balanced diet that includes an abundance of live foods.  When you consider a natural colon cleansing or herbal detox program, you are choosing a body cleansing process which many people commonly refer to as a colon cleansing. 

There are other parts of your body you should consider too, specifically your liver and your blood. The colon and liver have specialized duties and you should approach each as part of a larger team. 

To be complete, you'll also want to consider adopting a basic cleansing diet too .  You'll discover how safely and naturally complete a body cleansing will leave you.  You'll going to be feeling refreshed, renewed and revitalized.

The Ultimate Colon Cleansing Goal

The ultimate goal of a body cleanse is to feel better, look better and have more energy. 

This is accomplished when toxins have been flushed out of your body allowing your body systems to recover and operate at peak efficiency.  With a natural cleansing, you'll not only achieve a better sense of well-being, you'll actually feel and look better with renewed energy to spare. 

This approach, used for many years in my natural health practice, can deliver excellent results but like any cleanse, you should approach the process slowly and if you have questions approach someone with the professional experience you can trust.

Cleansing, when properly applied should never result is excessive bathroom trips, cramps or related symptoms.

A natural cleansing program should always be based on nutritionally dense live foods, plenty of good, clean water and high quality natural food-based herbs that have no artificial fillers or substances of any kind.

Cleansing herbs are only used to gently nurture your system back to normal efficiency then should be discontinued.  Adopting a seasonal cleansing program with keep you in top shape and minimize toxicity in the body.

Cleansing Has Many Immediate Benefits

The tangible benefits you may experience with this body cleansing program can include:

  • Skin looks and feels better; have a more youthful glow and radiance
  • Feel much less sluggish
  • Regain energy and vitality all day long
  • Better mental clarity and sense of well-being
  • Improved ability to digest/absorb nutrients
  • Regular bowel movements (2-3/day being optimal)

Many symptoms you may have experienced prior to your cleanse will disappear when you approach the program with care.

This is not a race against time, never be in a hurry to complete your body cleansing as your body must be allowed adequate time to gently and naturally rid itself of the toxic buildup accumulated, in many cases, over a period of years.

If it is your first time cleansing, your body may resist your cleansing efforts and in these situations it is not uncommon for some to experience mild symptoms.

Be patient, Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine once said “The body has the ability to heal itself if it's given what it needs to do it”.  That was over 2,300 years ago …  and its still true today.

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