Transversing the Misconceptions of Internal Cleansing

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Learn how to better categorize internal cleansing products for the best possible detoxifying experience.

It is becoming more and more recognized by holistic doctors,Guest Posting nutritionists, dieticians and other health care professionals that being "healthy" in the 21st century requires more than just the maintenance of a proper diet and healthy exercise regimen alone. There can now be seen an equally if not more important necessity for the periodic detoxification of the body. This is attributable, at least partly, to the growing awareness of human toxicity stemming from excessive air pollution, toxic chemicals, pesticides and hormones in our food supply and the ongoing battle with germs and bacteria in our bodies.

Of the many different ways to lower toxicity in the human body, internal cleansing has become an increasingly popular option among health-conscious consumers, according to sales trends reported in the industry. Most of us have heard of "cleansing" in a general way as it relates to the cleansing of our body's insides and many have partaken in the use of a cleansing product. It just sounds like a healthy thing to do, however, cleansing programs have been reviewed at times with great satisfaction by consumers and at times with less than hoped for results. Let me say that those who have experienced less than desired results may not have properly matched the cleansing program's specific attributes with their own desired results. This could be the result of some non-specific marketing by cleansing product companies and hence a "lumping together" of all internal cleansing products in the market in general.

The fact is that all cleansing products can and should be categorized by the purpose each specific program attempts to serve. Internal cleansing products can be broken down into at least 5 different categories in order to help consumers match their desired benefits with that of the products'. These 5 categories are as follows: Colon cleansers, total or whole body cleansing programs, parasites cleanses, detoxifying foot patches, and liver, kidney and gallbladder flushes. So if someone is looking to detoxify their entire body and lose some weight in the process he or she should not be looking to do a simple colon cleanse that typically is best used as a natural laxative.

The purpose of this article is to help better sort internal cleansing products into different categories, define what the categories are, how they work and what effect each category of cleanser attempts to bring about in the person taking it.

1.) Colon Cleansers: Bowel-cleansing constipation relief typically found in capsule form taken for a duration of usually 4-10 days. Most colon cleansing products seek to relieve constipation by naturally stimulating the bowels to increase the frequency of bowel movements, while having added ingredients that also help cleanse and soothe the bowels. Colon cleansing can also be done periodically for those who are not constipated as part of a healthy colon maintenance routine, which has become a prominent health goal for many.

2.) Total or Whole Body Cleansing Programs: Body detoxification programs found in liquid or capsule form typically lasting 1-3 weeks and usually accompanied by special diets, give this type of cleansing program the distinction of causing fat and weight-loss. Bowel movements are not usually greatly increased with these programs. They are best suited for people looking to adopt a more detoxifying lifestyle, for at least the duration of the cleansing period. Depending on the quality of the program, a total body cleanse typically has the greatest detoxifying effects because it can encompass aspects of each category.

3.) Parasite Cleansing: An intestinal cleanse that uses powerful, anti-parasitic herbs to exponge microscopic worms, unhealthy bacteria and fungi from the intestinal lining. Parasite cleansing has the desired function of cleansing the villi in the intestine, where these microscopic creatures populate thus increasing nutrient absorption and enhancing the immune system. People that have chronic bouts with colds and the flu would benefit from this cleanse as well as those that travel internationally where parasitic infections can be more common.

4.) Detoxifying Foot Patches: Less invasive, much more passive approach to detoxifying the body. These special patches are placed on the bottoms of the feet at bedtime and the body toxins are naturally extracted while you sleep. This is the best system for extracting heavy metals and toxic chemicals that can be circulating throughout the body. These patches are also considered effective for the relief of arthritis pain, the enhancement of lymphatic function and the improvement of circulation.

5.) Liver, Kidney and Gallbladder Flush: These three organs work together as your body's waste processing plant and their main job is to break down toxins. These organs are notorious for getting backed up with hardened bile, kidney stones, gall stones, fat and toxins and therefore process increasingly less of your body's waste. A liver, kidney and gallbladder flush seeks to liquify and cleanse these blockages out of your system leaving these organs to function better on their own.

In conclusion, by better categorizing cleansing products based on their specific attributes, interested consumers can match their desired results with that of the type of cleansing product they choose and have a better overall detoxifying experience.

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