Why Do I Keep Getting a Cold Sore on My Mouth

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What are the causes, symptoms and ways to treat cold sores on the lip due to herpes simplex virus one?

Sometimes you can tell that the little bump on your lip is actually a baby cold sore. Many people feel the itch or the tingling sensation that indicates it is about to arise.

Herpes Simplex Type 1 is present in many people,Guest Posting but not everyone has the symptoms of cold sores. Remember that it's contagious and that you need to exhibit caution around people in your life in terms of kissing, sharing intimate items and even at dinner being careful not to share your cup. The blisters contain liquid and this can take several days to resolve. What is frustrating is that once the process begins you know that the sore will get rid and later start drying out and cracking as it scabs and finally heals.

Herpes on the mouth or the Herpes Simplex Type 1 virus type 2 which is genital. Nearly everyone in the world carries this highly contagious virus. This means that many people already have been exposed to it and won't catch it, but nonetheless care is important as if your immune system is weakened you may catch it.

Factors that contribute to causing a cold sore are stress, poor sleep, catching a cold, exposure to the sun and unknown reasons. Prepare yourself in advance before a stressful event with good eating habits, sleep habits and calming thoughts.

Lysine is a helpful supplement to take to both prevent them and treat one if it ariss. You can also get a prescription from your doctor that will help it resolve more quickly. The viral infection won't ever be gone but you can still help to eliminate the long ten day cycle that most people suffer from.

Moisturize the skin, take an anti-viral medication , use lysine and improve your nutrition. Be sure to avoid the sun unless you coat your lip with sun protection factor to prevent future outbreaks.

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