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Level of pollution and infected air has affected human beings and other living things with the increase in urbanization in the world. Air is full of harmful particles and other substances which may lead to different kinds of allegories and illness. Himalayan salt therapy is a natural way of dealing such airborne and other pollution related diseases.

This therapy helps lungs to breathe and stay healthy. History of this therapy traces back to medieval ages when animals especially horses were treated with licks of salt for better health and zero environmental hazards. People also used to spend time in Himalayan salt caves to get health benefits. Those caves are the modern day salt saunas or salt rooms. 

Let’s dig deep into the major benefits of salt therapy.

Fight Against Diseases: 

Himalayan salt therapy is very useful for fighting against numerous diseases which are caused by respiratory disorders. Bronchitis and Asthma are lead respiratory disorders which are cured by this therapy. It also aids in relieving the inflammation in lungs. Beside these diseases it is equally useful for treatment of sneezing,Guest Posting coughing and shortness of breath. Its anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory properties helps lungs to open the airways properly.

Strengthen Immunity: 

Himalayan salt therapy boosts the immunity system due to its chemical structure and healing properties. This therapy helps the immunity system to fight back the bacteria and other harmful substances effectively. This has anti-bacterial functions so as to enhance the body to remove destructive effects within and outside.

Skin Care: 

Most of unseen bacteria and other micro particles attaches to our skin and cause the irritation and detrition of skin. This therapy through the salt rooms helps in fighting those particles and nourishing the skin. Furthermore it also improves the texture health of skin. Himalayan salt is also proved to be the best natural exfoliator for the skin. In case of animals it removes those bacteria from the fur of animals which is not quite possible for them to do on their own mainly due to thickness of their fur. It’s also common for many pets specially cats and dogs to get various types skin allergies which can easily be treated by this therapy. 

Psychological Wellness: 

Some experts believe this therapy to be best aid against some of common psychological anomalies and disorders. It is considered to be best tonic against depression and anxiety. Dry sub particles enters into the body and act as relaxant to the nerves resulting in having peaceful sleep.

Health Benefits for Animals: 

Himalayan salt therapy is equally beneficial for animals, pets and livestock. Salt licks and salt room therapy helps them to eliminate their respiratory disorders especially in dogs and horses. Vigorous physical exercise makes the animals prone to several kind of diseases in airways and lungs. It helps in relieving their allergies as well.

Try salt therapy and have a great healthy life. 


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