Why Sleep Deprivation and GI Problems are Popular Techniques Among Canadian Security Agents

Sep 8


Artour Rakhimov

Artour Rakhimov

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Canadian secret agents (CSIS) use a variety of methods to control or influence people (usually to spoil something). Meanwhile, little is known about their secret methods to destroy one’s health and life.

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CSIS (Canadian Security Intelligence Service) agents use a variety of dubious methods to control government,Why Sleep Deprivation and GI Problems are Popular Techniques Among Canadian Security Agents Articles politicians, police, army, mass media, and all types of leaders and supervisors. Meanwhile, very little is known about their techniques to destroy or undermine one’s health and life (so called “slow killing methods”).


Clearly, the first requirement for such “intelligent” methods is absence of any artifacts or later proofs so that it is impossible to prove what was done by secret agents and how. For example, in the past, just 1-2 decades ago, CSIS agents were using viruses, bacteria, poisons, heavy metals, and toxic chemicals. However, these are not the best techniques since they can be detected. There are better choices, as the specially selected secret agents realized some years ago. Some of the better methods are sleep deprivation and creation of GI or digestive problems.


Sleep deprivation technique is based on a pulsed noise generated by a tiny device only during sleep so that the victim cannot hear it consciously. The agents use hidden surveillance cameras (to observe the person) and snaps-generating tiny devices that can be easily inserted in cracks, holes, furniture, ceiling, etc. The tiny devices react to a special electromagnetic impulse on the same way as cell phones and other gadgets. As British studies on volunteers revealed, it is possible to generate noises that do not wake up the person, but prevent him from having deep stages of sleep. Normally, the person has transition to a deeper sleep stage after each 10-15 minutes before achieving REM (rapid eye movements) sleep. In about 70-90 minutes, when the person reaches the deepest sleep stage, the cycle starts all over again from REM (rapid eye movements) stage. Application of pulsing noise every 10-15 minutes results in periodic shifts to more shallow sleep and this person then cannot reach deep sleep stages. Deep stages, on the other hand, are characterized by intense relaxation of skeletal muscles and appearance of special slow waves in the brain, together with lighter and slower breathing. Absence of deep sleep stages means absence of proper rest for the brain and the muscles (as for patients with sleep apnea whose daytime performance, focus, concentration, memory, physical skills, etc. get much worse). After awakening, the person cannot recall hearing any noises, but the quality of sleep was miserable and he feels like after nightmares.


As one can easily realize this method is virtually impossible to detect and “bring” to the court since the person does not remember any noises. This is what the secret cameras are for, and the agents observe breathing of the person. Even if the person can hear the noise, it is virtually impossible to find the tiny device that was producing crispy snaps.


Creation of gastrointestinal problems could be based on some existing digestive abnormality (e.g., ulcer, gastritis, colitis, etc.) Since various forms of stomach gastritis are very common these days (present in up to 60-70% of people), it is easy to make it worse. There are numerous toxic gases and air-borne allergens that can trigger burping, flatulence, bloating, gas, diarrhea, inflammation of the large and small colons and even flare-up (uncontrollable diarrhea that can persist for days). This is one of the reasons why modern CSIS agents are so obsessed with ventilation systems in all types of buildings and breathing.


How effective are these techniques? It is known that prolonged sleep deprivation is a deadly weapon that kills animals in weeks. Guess why? This is because they lose desire to eat and have no hunger just after a few days of sleep deprivation. Furthermore, sleep deprivation, apart from mental effects, produces the strongest impact on digestive repair. Hence, depending on the dose of sleep deprivation and GI distress, it is possible to manipulate personal health to any degree and transform any person into a vegetable state without any lobotomy. That allows CSIS agents to feel like a king: they can select any person and make a vegetable. The choices and degree of treatment, as one can expect, are dictated by their personal feelings (emotions).

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