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New Years Resolutions always focus on losing weight and improving health. And so you got a Wii FIT for Christmas. And so far its not working. Heres how to lose weight with the WII FIT.

So you aren't getting the results you wanted from the wii fit. Or you are spending lots of time with out lots of results. But it does work. And it will work. Here are some tips to help make it work for you:

Top 10 WII FIT Tips

1. work out everyday if possible

2. Do not do the body test every day as directed; do it every other workout or even every third workout. Every day is too often and unless done at the same time each day your weigh will naturally vary 2 pounds

3. Work out for at least 30 minutes each day

4. The balance games do not count in your workout. Only do then after your workout is complete

5. Focus on the aerobics to maximize weight gain. Make sure 80% of your time goes to aerobics.

6. Use the yoga and strength modules as rest periods between your aerobic choices

7. After 3 weeks focus on the free steps and free run - do at least 10 minutes of either one every workout. If you can build up to 20 minutes and then 30 minutes of the "Free Steps" or "Free Run" - this will really improve your fitness program and calorie burn

8. To get a 30 minute workout you need to allocate 45 minutes; for an hour of workout you need to allocate 90 minutes. Which is really like working out at the gym when you consider all the waiting time and setting up

9. The balance games make it fun but they don't burn calories. Too many people spend all their time trying to improve their balance games scores - end up doing them for an hour - and then wonder why they didn't lose weight after they worked out for 2 hours. Again the balance games don't burn calories and should not be considered as a workout

10. Find a partner to work out on your same system. Even if you work out together you can see their scores and progress and the competition will drive you to improve and work out harder.

11. work out everyday if possible. Work hard and the results will come. Its not a miracle worker but if you try every day you will see the results.

And heres a good workout routine

1. Aerobics - run short distance warm up 2 minutes

2. Aerobics - boxing or steps - 5 minutes

3. Strength - 3 routines

4. Aerobics - free run 20 minutes

5. Yoga - 3 routines

6. Aerobics - boxing or stairs

7. Yoga and strength - 5 routines or 10 minutes

8. aerobics - 15 minutes

Have a great workout!

Now the balance games are alot of fun and quite addictive. They can be used as a rest period or a way to take a break. And they are quite addictive - so please be careful or you will find yourself spending an hour playing games versus working out. The best way to use the balance games is a reward for a hard workout. Woork out for an hour and then play the games. Or workout in the morning and play the games in the evening as a stress reliever.

One other hint with the workout. Once you get comfortable with the workout always use the maximum reps allowed. And when you really get comfortable start using free weights with your workout. For example use handweights when you do the 30 minute run or use handweights while doing the strength exercises. And find a friend to push you. Competition on scores only pushes you that much harder

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