Would You Like to Use Manuka Honey For Facial Care?

Oct 4


Christy L Smith

Christy L Smith

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This article is to help you get a good quality manuka honey and not be fooled by alternatives that are not quite good. Follow the guidelines and the rest of the facts mentioned here and you should not have any problems a good manuka face products.


A good facial contributes a lot in revitalizing your skin. A facial pack that includes honey works wonders. It's indeed a unique experience to get a honey facial done. Not only honey is a great cleansing agent but it also makes the skin soft. Honey,Would You Like to Use Manuka Honey For Facial Care? Articles is rich in antioxidants, therefore, this natural product can work as a great moisturizer helping you in eradicating blemishes, acne etc.Thus, considering the great nourishing features of honey, a honey facial is definitely worth giving a try. You can always get started with a manuka honey face gel.

Manuka honey products are presently considered the prime natural healers amongst the few that are in this world. In fact medical research has backed active manuka honey as a potent cure for several disorders. This honey has its origins in New Zealand. A few of the ailments that find a cure in these honey products are wounds, leg ulcers, peptic ulcers, and digestive problems.

The Waikato University in New Zealand has conducted several researches in assessing the medicinal properties of active manuka honey and has concluded that they have several healing properties in excess usual honey that we find in the market. The University of Auckland and the University of Wales Institute Cardiff are trying to find the usefulness of these special active honey in the treatment of leg ulcers and MRSA respectively.

The common usage of the term 'UMF' or unique manuka factor for general honey products or lesser manuka honey products often is the chief source of confusion in the promotion of these honey products. The general public still has to learn of the curative properties of the actual active manuka honey and at the same time learn about their potency.

Like all other honey products, the manuka variant also has hydrogen peroxide with its anti bacterial power. The enzyme glucose oxidase is another thing that is contained in these honey. What happens when the honey is applied on wounds and incisions is that these compounds found in common honey are rendered weak by human enzymes. In manuka honey products off course there is the added unique manuka factor that enhances the antibacterial and antibiotic characteristics of usual honey. Hence, manuka honey facial products such as the common manuka honey face gel presents a lot of anti-bacteria as well as healing properties which is perfect for skin with problems.

This UMF is hardly affected by the human enzymes in wounds and cuts. Off course the UMF label should only go to specific laboratory tested samples of manuka honey. This test differentiates the ordinary manuka honey that has similar taste but lesser healing capacity from the extremely potent variety of manuka honey that gets the UMF label. The test also specifies the level of potency for specific samples of these honey before they are launched in the market in packaged form. In fact UMF is a registered trademark with the state's sanction. Thus the government helps you in identifying the correct sample of manuka honey that you need. So do not fall for lesser products by way of advertisement.

The Active Manuka Honey Association provides you with guidelines that help you choose the right kind of product in stores or online websites. The AMHA offers 5 criteria as requirement for the sale of UMF manuka honey products. These are:

* A rating of UMF10 or higher is required. * The UMF licensee's name should be clearly visible on the front of the bottle. * The UMF label should similarly appear on the front of the bottle. * A New Zealand company with the UMF license should package the bottle. * The packaging and labeling should have been done in New Zealand.

So now that you know about the benefits of Manuka honey facial products, go check out their most popular product - Manuka honey face gel!