You Must Know The Shock Wave Therapy To Cure Erectile Dysfunction

Jul 7


Alex Timothy

Alex Timothy

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Shock Wave Therapy is the low-intensity waves which used to take the waves in the human body around the area of a male organ stimulate the nerves and it is an excellent treatment for mild to moderate erection weakness


Shock wave therapy for erectile dysfunction stimulates the nerves around the male organ to facilitate blood flow. A smooth blood flow overcomes erection weakness. Shock wave therapy is recommended as an alternative to medicines being used to cure ED weakness.

Shock wave therapy involves sending low-intensity waves over a large area around the male organ. It is totally non-invasive therapy .however,You Must Know The Shock Wave Therapy To Cure Erectile Dysfunction Articles it is different from the wave therapy used to treat kidney stone issues.  The use of non -invasive waves in erectile dysfunction is done to stimulate the blood vessels and push blood flow towards the male organ.

The treatment is total without medication and involves sessions. The therapy comes in sessions lasting up to 30 minutes. The duration of the treatment depends on the severity of the erection issue. It is a preferred treatment option for males who do not want to use and Buy Sildenafil Citrate 120mg prescribed by doctors for severe cases of erection weakness.

Erectile dysfunction

Erectile dysfunction is weakness in erection experienced by males after 40 in most cases. There are cases when a male in his 30s or in 20s has experienced erection weakness. But in the majority of cases, the risk emerges after 40 and 50 years of age.

A male with erectile dysfunction cannot get an erection even with sufficient physical stimulation. The soft erection, he may be able to get is not sufficient for the desired purpose.  At the basic circulation levels, erection problems are insufficient blood flow in the male organ.

Lifestyle issues such as diabetes, blood pressure, cholesterol, cardiovascular disease, etc. heightened the risk. Excess smoking, alcoholism, sedentary lifestyle, obesity, higher intake of junk food, and long absence from intimate contact also creates conditions for an erection weakness.

Medical problems, prostate enlargement, heart issues, kidney or liver trouble also create erection weakness. So are emotional and psychological reasons.

Males are always in search of treatment options that provide permanent results without medications. Shock wave therapy is one such treatment option.

     Shock wave treatment

Non-invasive low-intensity waves are generated in a machine and a wand-like device is used to take the waves to the human body. The wand is moved slowly around the area of a male organ. The waves stimulate the nerves in the area. The gentle pulses slowly hit the blood vessels. The frequency and intensity can be changed depending on the need of the client and understanding of the doctor.

The basic aim of the therapy is to activate blood vessels, remove any obstacles in the movement of blood, and remodeling of tissues in the male organ.

Duration and frequency of the therapy

One session is not enough to get the desired result. Several sessions are planned with the doctor. The duration of each session is up to 30-40 minutes. The degree of the erection difficulty also decides the duration of the therapy. Some males with ED may have to go for months before some result is visible.

Mild to moderate erection weakness

Shock wave therapy is an excellent treatment for mild to moderate erection weakness. It has shown the best results in this category. But in higher to severe cases of erection weakness, there was not much to say about.

The impact period lasts up to months

The therapy impact period lasts up to a year. But the year-long impact period happens in a few cases.  In the majority of cases, the desired impact lasts up to a few months.

Expert views

Experts are of the view that this therapy works well only in cases of mild to moderate degree of erection issues. There is no positive impact on males with severe erection weakness. Also, males with diabetes as the underlying cause find no relief from the therapy. Males who had undergone surgery for prostate enlargement or prostate cancer also did not get relief from the therapy. Nor was there any positive impact on males with Peyronie’s disease. 

The use of the right kind of machine and the expertise of the doctor administering the therapy also counts. The time and money spent on the therapy are not worth it.

Some experts say that one can use shock wave therapy with erection boosting medicine to overcome severe cases of erection.


Expansive than other therapies

The cost of shock wave therapy makes it out of bounds for the majority of males. The cost of one session may be in hundreds of US dollars. The total cost of the therapy spread over months could reach up to thousands of US dollars. The therapy is also not approved by the FDA.

Though there are no side effects, the therapy could not produce desired results for all males with erectile dysfunction issues.

Explore other options

When shock wave therapy is only for mild to moderate degrees of erection issues, it is sensible to go for other options that are cost-effective. One such option is natural remedies.

Natural remedies include changes in diet and lifestyle. Consumption of fruits, vegetables, and nuts improves blood circulation. Exercises tone the muscles and activate blood nerves. The pelvic floor exercise stimulates blood to flow towards the male organ.

Vitamin B complex diet gives energy, enhances the production of testosterone, and increases libido. Diet change also lowers the risk of diabetes, blood pressure, and cholesterol issue.

Medical guidance

Doctors prescribe Generic Cialis 60mg for severe cases of erectile dysfunction. They examine the patient and judge the best dose that will overcome the erection issue. The higher dose prescribed by a doctor after comprehensive examination will outweigh few side effects  


Shock wave therapy is an expensive therapy to treat erectile dysfunction. And it has shown results only in mild to moderate cases of erectile dysfunction. No positive impact has been observed in severe cases.

When there are cost-effective therapies and natural remedies to cure mild to moderate erection weakness, spending a huge amount of shock wave therapy does not make sense. It is possible to cure less severe cases with natural remedies by lifestyle intervention. However, if you can afford shock wave therapy, there is no harm either.