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If you want to gain muscle and gain it fast you need to know about the most effective way to go about it.

 This means you have to understand and perform the necessary moves to burn fats from different parts of the body.  In order to do this you should start by setting yourself a timetable to reach your desired goals along with a timeframe for each completed exercise of your plan.  Then to round things off you should finish your workout with a weight training and cardio exercises to enable you to achieve rock hard abs to complement your chest and biceps. Building total muscle will help you to look good and feel great in as short a time as possible. 

Here are some tips on how to gain muscle and get your body into shape in no time at all.

1. Weight Training Basics

Workout Number One - The Chin Up Bar Training Routine

Upper body muscles are effectively built up by performing this muscle training exercise.  First decide which hand you want to use then simply hang yourself from a chin up bar with an underhand grip,Guest Posting palms facing either outwards or inwards. When using the palm inwards position you will target more of the biceps whereas the palm outwards position you will reap the benefits in the areas of your chest and shoulder muscles.  Then pull yourself up at the same time as keeping your elbows pointing downwards making sure your chin goes above the bar every time.  Finally drop your body slowly back to the position you started in. 

Workout Number Two - Dumbbell Step Up

This is the kind of weight training exercise to perform if you want to develop and boost the strength of your lower body muscles, in particular, the legs.  Exercise to the various parts of the body has to be equally spread in order to gain muscles fast so dumbbell step ups are an essential part of your workout.  Start by standing with a bench in front of you and heavy weights in your hands.  Place your left foot on top of the bench and press your heel to push your body upwards.  Then raise your right knee to an angle of 90 degrees and return to your starting position.  Remember to keep your weight-bearing leg straight during the routine.  

2. A Good Dose of Post-Workout Supplementation is a Must

You will get the greatest possible results and benefits of working out in a gym by following up with the provision of proper nutrients and supplementations to your body. After all, you deserve the biggest bang for your efforts as well as needing to refuel after the workout you have performed.  Creatine is a perfect example of such a supplement. In connection with muscularity, biological evidence states that around 98% of creatine is stored in a person´s muscles.  Known as the compound Adenosine Triphosphate it is naturally found and kept within the body. This available source is where the instantaneous energy comes from when you carry out weight lifting or explosive energy exercises. How to gain muscle fast includes proper supplementation of creatine in the body particularly when you are working at building muscles.  Studies show that creatine draws fluid into the cells of the muscles so they increase in size and volume. 

3. Know the Best Time to Eat

In order to develop the maximum muscles gain you should eat your food after working out.  Ideally food should be taken within three quarters of an hour of your weight training session and should consist of a carbohydrate and protein mix.  Muscle gain is thought to be more effective if you eat after your workout as more macro nutrients get absorbed in the body at this time.

Therefore, there is some truth in the fact that the more weight training you do, the more your body will be able to quickly sop up the food you give it.

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