5 Ways To Remove Your Unwanted Piano

Sep 16


Jennifer Lee7

Jennifer Lee7

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Do you have an old or unwanted piano you need to gone? We list the top 5 best ways you can remove it from your household.


There will come a time when you’ll need to remove some of the large items in your home. That old piano may be one of them. The thought of removing such a valuable or sentimental item may give you some second thoughts but the need and urgency to dispose of it deny you of that choice.

Are you in the midst of a home renovation? Are you in the process of moving to a smaller loft and you can’t bring that big old piano? There are a bunch of reasons why you can no longer keep or take care of that piano. You just need to know all available options that are there,5 Ways To Remove Your Unwanted Piano Articles right?

Allow us to help you come up with the most sound decision for your piano. We have listed below the top 5 ways of disposing of your old piano.

Sell Your Unwanted Piano Online

Thanks to the power of the internet, quickly getting rid of that piano while getting back some of the money you’ve invested in it can become a possibility. There are a lot of markets out there where you can find potential buyers for your piano.

The most common and popular marketplaces are Facebook, eBay, and Craiglist. There are also a lot of local online platforms where you can meet buyers near you. You can communicate with them and even request the buyer to pick up the piano at your location.

Note: Although old pianos are treated as antiques, they usually aren’t worth a lot of money. 

Donate Your Piano to Charity Institutions

If you think that selling your piano is not worth the effort, you can consider donating it. You can bring the piano directly to charity organisations or have them pick it up from your home. 

Check your local network for schools, churches, or institutions that are willing to accept your piano. These are places where your piano can still be of service. You can be assured that they’ll take care of your instrument for you. 

Recycling the Piano for Reuse of Valuable Parts and Materials

A piano is a musical instrument that is composed of many valuable and durable parts. The hardwood itself has been cured and laminated for the purpose of stability and durability. Its strings, on the other hand, are made of high carbon steel. If your piano is broken and beyond repair, it is best to recycle it to salvage the still usable parts.

The parts mentioned above may be valuable in terms of their quality but be aware that they don’t catch high prices when sold. It is better to recycle the materials or repurpose them into something you can use.

Recycling and dismantling the piano by yourself is also not a good idea. It is very easy to destroy the parts and make them totally unusable if you don’t apply safety measures while doing the task. 

We advise that you hire a junk removal company or send the piano to a recycling centre to ensure the recycling process will be as smooth as possible.

Offer the Piano to Friends, Family, and Music Students at a Cheap Price or for Free

You may have no use for that old piano but there are a lot of people out there who may need the instrument and have used it. Start by offering the piano to your friends and family at a cheap price. However, you have to make sure that your instrument is still in respectable shape or can still be repaired.

There are music students out there who don’t have the means to purchase a piano. You can as well just give it to them for free. A small act of generosity and charity through that old piano wouldn’t hurt you, right? 

Call a Piano Removal Company to Properly Deconstruct, Recycle, and Dispose of Your Old Piano

If all the options mentioned above don’t work for you, you can always opt for hiring a piano removal company. These companies have the means and abilities to take care or dispose of your old piano for you. This can be your best option, especially when you’re in a hurry to get rid of that piano as soon as possible.

Remember that not all rubbish removal companies are the same. You have to carefully scrutinise which one to hire depending on your needs. Check their prices, reputations, and availability of services in your area.