A Cat Litter Box That Reduces Litter Scatter

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The specifically developed kitty litter pan rim is a defender deflecting cat rocks back into the pan (conserving you time & money). This combined with an innovative exit system that captures cat litter as your cat completes it's task.

For beginners it includes a special feline liter box lid designed to considerably reduce the amount of feline litter scatter that leaves the box.

It's a result of mindful study of a cats habits in the litter pan. The goal is to include the optimum amount of kitty litter without entirely enclosing your meow,Guest Posting a leading reason that presents bad litter pan habits and tension.

Some of the leading difficulties with litter pans is getting your feline to use it appropriately and lowering the mess they create. Our litter pan was specifically designed to resolve these difficulties straight on.

The very first consideration we gave to the pan was desiring it to be an open top. The primary reason for this is it's a tested fact that numerous felines either won't use a confined box or have a significantly raised tension level that can lead into other types of bad habits.

By typical nature cats constantly wish to see and comprehend what's going on around them. The 2 times that they absolutely do not wish to feel confined is when they are enjoying a meal or making use of the bathroom. So when we thought of it we decided a confined cat box didn't achieve what we were looking to accomplish.

Because enclosed cat litter boxes are actually planned to keep the litter area cleaner for the owner than it being an ideal option for a cat we produced a special system to address this with an open air kitty litter pan.

We do this in 2 various approaches. The very first technique is by having a specifically designed litter pan rim that is angled so that litter are deflected back into the pan when your kitty buries its treasure. Initially we tried a rim thats sides were directly up and down however swiftly discovered that by making a small tweak with the angles it made a remarkable improvement.

Second of all, when kitten leaves the litter pan a high portion of the litter rocks that at first falls off is within the very first couple of inches. By developing an exit grate that is still part of the litter pan those very first couple of inches of litter scatter returns into the box. Yet another simple tweak that's had outstanding results.

As a result of these improvement you can enjoy cleaning litter less, saving cash and making your feline happy which in term will reveal you more love. In addition you'll have an actually nice color to perk up its bathroom.

We hope you try this new kitty litter pan introduced to you by Two Meows.

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