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Photography is a technique to capture the image, moments, memories, emotion etc. which we can look whenever we want. Photos rely on a simple truth: Telling stories with pictures can be more evocative and moving than using words. 

When you look at a photograph from your favourite photographer what do you see? Does it remind you of your past or make you think of the future? What if there was a photographer that made you think of not only the past but also the future as well? Photography is a technique to capture the image,Guest Posting moments, memories, emotion etc. which we can look whenever we want. Photos rely on a simple truth: Telling stories with pictures can be more evocative and moving than using words. A photo essay engages the viewer at a very personal level. While people can respond to written stories intellectually, photography often creates an instant emotion within the viewer. Many photographers use this power to create social and political photo essays, often centred around injustice or suffering. Public response to socially conscious photo essays and uproar over the images often lead to positive social changes. Photographers gain a special understanding of their photo essay subject because they are around the subject for so long. As a result, the photographer learns where and when he or she is most likely to capture the best pictures as the photo essay develops. Presently digital photography is most liked and preferred for the best result. Digital photography has transformed the way people think about photography. High quality pictures are now available to the average person. It has also intensely affected the professional field, bringing new challenges and possibilities to the industry.There are various types of Photography’s such as wedding photography, wild life photography, fashion photography, nature photography etc. Every photography has different concept and ways to capture the image. In Wedding photography, images carry all the enjoyment and emotion too. Wildlife photography is the art of photographing wildlife in its natural surroundings.  Taking photographs of wild animals requires much skill and patience. Spending time with wildlife connects us with the smallest of creatures to those that are large, such as insects, animals, reptiles, fish and birds.  Learn some great photography tips and techniques. Photographing nature connects every photographer to the clouds and stars above down to the landscapes, seascapes, flowers, plants, and trees etc.  Fashion is an evolving subject; it is ever changing according to the latest patterns and styles. It is a photography that endorses different clothes, accessories and other products to the viewer’s in order to grab attention of the people and to have a great sell. Male and Female models are the one who bring the various styles to the viewer’s that are appreciated and followed by them pleasingly.But now a day as it is mobile world one doesn’t have to wait for a camera or the photographer, the only one thing required is a mega pixels cell phone and then we are on with the photography. There are many variation of photography provided by a cell phone. Random photography is recently on source. With the help of a mobile phone with a great facility one can capture the images whenever and of whatever he wants.   

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