Are animal onesies still on trend?

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Animal onesies have been popular in Japan for years with teenagers wearing them on the streets and as lounge wear. They arrived on UK shores in 2009 and the animal onesie craze began. The concept of dressing up in an animal style, hooded all-in-one costumes was a brand new idea and many jumped at the chance to join in including celebrities. Fast forward to the present day and we ask are animal onesies still on trend?

Animal onesies have been available in the UK for more than 7 years now and the craze of dressing up in an animal costume is still on trend. After a couple of bad summers in the UK causing a number of events and festivals to be cancelled,Guest Posting many thought that the animal onesie fad would die the death. Instead the costumes were re marketed as lounge wear and pajamas which opened up a whole new market.

The first animal onesies were available in only a handful of designs but the manufacturers adapted to demand and now a range of over 50 animals are available giving consumers more choice. In 2012 a kids animal onesies range was introduced by SAZAC, the original manufacturer of animal onesies and still one of the most respected companies in the industry. Young kids who had seen older friends and family wearing the onesies could now join in the fun and this created a burst of activity. As the Kigurumi costumes are over-sized and baggy it meant that kids could play in them, sleep in them and just about anything else plus they could wear them for years without needing to buy a range of sizes.

Moving back to the present days, Google trends suggest that animal onesies are as popular as ever and that the trend is here to stay. Following a dramatic increase in interest in December 2012, high numbers of searches have been carried out each year without fail. Google keywords suggest that in the UK alone the search volumes for the term animal onesies stand at over 6000 per month with peaks in November and December. Worldwide the search volumes are significantly higher with just under half a million searches in December of last year.

As Summer approaches and festival season arrives in the UK, will you be searching the web looking for an animal onesie? They are the perfect festival attire as they can be worn over clothes during the day and due to the fact that they are over sized and baggy they are very comfortable. As night draws in, they will keep you warm during the early hours of the morning and can transition into sleep wear for festival goers opting to camp on site.

When Winter arrives and friends start to look for presents for each other, animal onesies see an increase in demand. Likewise the ski season opens up a whole new opportunity for onesies as it is now popular to wear a onesie costume over your ski wear which makes for a fun time skiing with friends and family.


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