Collecting U.S. Air Force Challenge Coins

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These are one of the most highly regarded challenge or military coins. As with the other branches of the military, the coin is given for the completion of an important task or outstanding performance above and beyond the call of duty.

One of the most highly regarded challenge or military coins as they are often called is the U.S. Air Force coin. As with the other branches of the military,Guest Posting the coin is given for the completion of an important task or outstanding performance above and beyond the call of duty. They are also often given to members of the USAF after completion of their basic training.

The collection of U.S. Air Force challenge coins has become popular over the years. Those who collect them are typically looking for older and original ones. The original military challenge coins are not as easily found as most recipients keep and pass them on to family members. This includes the ones that were received for outstanding performance or after a major battle.

There are however, USAF challenge coins that may be collected from a variety of places. Some collect the coins from a branch of the military such as the Air Force because a member or members of their family served in this branch. Often a certain era of challenge coins are chosen for the same reason.

Today, many people collect the challenge coins for the monetary value, but for those who have served and received these coins, they mean much more. The coin is a symbol of pride and accomplishment. The collector will never know what receiving the coin meant. The price of freedom and the sacrifices that were made are just part of the recognition that is associated with receiving a military challenge coin.

The coins are made from many different metals including bronze, silver and gold-plated. Many have very fine detailing with information on the origination of the coin. One such coin is the USAF coin that is shaped like an eagle. With the words, Commander, 151st Operations Group and Dedication and Performance on the front and Excellence in Every Endeavor on the reverse, this is a handsome coin that would make a great addition to any collection.

Many of the coins sought by collectors are the ones that were given to special operations forces. No matter what the reason for collecting the USAF coins, one thing that should be considered is the history behind the coin. When collecting the coins, researching the history is just as important as the coin itself. Knowing why it was given and considering the pride with which it was received can give the U.S. Air Force challenge coin even more meaning as a collector's item.

Many times the acts of courage and sacrifice that are behind the awarding of the coin are one that was not acknowledged in the typical way. Often family members are given a coin for a loved one who made the ultimate sacrifice. A coin honoring the brave and unselfish actions that were made to preserve the freedom enjoyed by all is one that cannot be measured by monetary value.

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