What Jewelry Making Tools Should Be Used for The Different Tasks?

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It does not matter if it is just a hobby or a source of income; jewelry making is a rewarding and fun activity to do.

It doesn't matter if it is just a hobby or a source of income; jewelry making is a rewarding and fun to do an activity. Serious jewelers prefer having at least one reliable wholesale jewelry supplies store when inspiration strikes.

If you use the right tool for your jewelry making,Guest Posting you would see how much neater and beautiful your jewelry would be. Concentrating just on the wholesale jewelry supplies would not give you the required result if you aren't using the right tools. Here is a small guide to the most common and handy jewelry making tools every jewelry maker should own.

Round nose pliers: use these pliers to make multi diameter loops when wrapping wire and forming Eyepins and headpins. When you are making a loop or curve in a repeated pattern, use masking tape or permanent marker to mark the point on the jaws where the original loop is made to make sure the pattern remains consistent.

Bent nose pliers: this is one of the handiest jewelry making tools when you try to reach into tighter places to grip things, bend wire, and close jump rings. The bent nose allows you to access difficult places without blocking your view.

Chain nose pliers: these ones are also used in tight places or difficult angles while working. These ones are available in long and short nose. The shorter nose allows more perfect grip while long nose gives more reach.

Flat nose pliers: they are used for holding beads and other components, and bend wires without scratching them. The flat inside of the jaws help flatten wire and make sharp corners of wire work. They are available in both long and short nose.

Glue Gun: it is a gun shaped device that uses heat to melt the plastic glue which is squeezed out of the gun's nozzle. It is tacky when it comes out and solidifies in few seconds. Within this short duration, you have to attach the things together, which you wanted to stick.

Gem setting pliers: they are used for tightening or setting the prongs on gem settings. They are made with parallel action jaws that can be accustomed to the exact width you require. This adjustment of setting jaws width according to your setting allows you not to apply much force to the setting nor on the gem.

Steel Beading Needles: these are used for sewing leather and have varying thickness like 0.7mm and length like 100mm. These needles also come in various colors.

Iron Scissors: for crafters a good scissor is a blessing thus you should always look through the various sizes of these iron scissors to find the one with the best grip and perfect length nose to match your crafting needs.

These are just the basic jewelry making tools that you should own, however the list of these tools is quite long and you can collect these over time. Among other popular tools include set of basic pliers, plastic spools, jewelry knife, rhinestone picking pencils, bead counter sets, iron beading needles, beading tweezers, etc.  Once you would use these tools you would see the difference yourself.

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