Decorate The Holiday With Christmas Centerpieces

Dec 4


Christopher Smith

Christopher Smith

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Decorating for the holidays can be a fun experience, which allows your imagination to run wild. Many simple and inexpensive Christmas centerpieces can be made, which add a touch of elegance to your home and could be the start of a new family tradition.


A plate holding a bowl,Decorate The Holiday With Christmas Centerpieces Articles usually at least eight inches in diameter, filled with poinsettias can make a beautiful, yet simple Christmas themed centerpiece, but it's been noted that some small animals, with a penchant for chewing on live flowers, may become ill from eating this particular plant. As a result, its suggested that you use artificial flowers instead, as they do not detract from their appearance and will last longer as well.

Another idea for a seasonal themed centerpiece is to use a small, six or eight-inch wreath laid flat on a appropriate size plate. It can be adorned with holly berries, small flowers or whatever you choose. Placing a red or green three-inch pillar candle in the center will add the perfect finishing touch.

Think Of Candle Holders As Decorations

Another idea for your Christmas centerpiece is to use Advent candles and entwine garland or other floral arrangements around it. Caution should be taken if you plan to light the candles. Ensure that any decorating material used is either non-flammable or will not come into contact with flames.

Candleholders in a spiral, with greenery entwined through them also make pretty holiday centerpieces. Again, caution must be taken to avoid the possibility of fire. If you have a larger table and need a larger centerpiece for your Christmas dinner, consider using a large base, placing three or four small wreaths around the outer edge. A tall pillar candle in the center of the arrangement with smaller candles centered in the outer wreaths can make a gorgeous decoration.

One important safety item to remember is the natural concave shape of the plate may make items on the outer edges, such as candles, lean towards the center of the decoration. Either keep the candles inside the lip of the plate, or trim the bottom of the candle so it stands straight.

Saving your Christmas centerpieces for repeated use requires some thought as candles cannot be stored where they may get hot and melt throughout the year, so keeping them in your attic may not be the best idea. In addition, sealing them in plastic can protect them from the natural deteriorating affects of dust and dirt and can keep them in much better condition than simply throwing them in a box.There are plenty of great ideas for a Christmas centerpiece that will become a tradition for your family. Let these ideas start you on your way.

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