Drone Laws in Aruba - information for all drone pilots

Oct 28


Iva Milanova

Iva Milanova

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All inportant Drone Laws in Aruba. Read them to be informed when you decide to travel there and fly your drones.


General Rules for Flying a Drone in Aruba

Drone laws in Aruba are strongly specific and we advise you always to read the official resources when you intend to travel somewhere with your drone. The Drone rules and drone regulations are very different in the countries,Drone Laws in Aruba - information for all drone pilots Articles so check your wished destination before starting your journey.
Drone laws in Aruba are collected here in this article and can help you to prepare you for travel with Drone in Aruba.
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Based on our analysis and interpretation of the laws, here are the foremost necessary rules to understand for flying a drone in Aruba.
Permission is needed from the DCAA for all drone flights. so as to receive such permission, the subsequent info should be submitted to the DCAA a minimum of one operating day before the date of the activity:
The name of the person or company, on that the permission progressing to be|are} issued;
The kind of drone that's going to be operated;
The purpose (or intention) of the requested drone operative permit;
The most height that the drone are going to be operated at;
The name of the drone operator;
A native mobile phone number (international number won't be accepted) wherever the operator is reached throughout the operations by the management Tower;
The drone operation site;
The date, time and period of the drone operation
Drones cannot fly over two hundred feet unless permission has been granted to the operator from the DCAA.

The drone operator should maintain visual line of sight (VLOS) once operative a drone.
When utilizing the “First Person read (FPV) technology, a person shall act as an observer.
Never operate in Prohibited or Restricted Areas, particularly close to the aerodrome (not inside four kilometers).
Never operate within the neighborhood of aircraft, over teams (accumulation) of individuals, stadiums or sports events.
Never operate near emergency response efforts like fires, accidents etc.
Never operate underneath the influence of alcohol or drugs.
Never operate your drone in such a way, that might endanger people or property.
Never operate your drone in rainy or stormy weather or in very low visibility.
Never operate your drone at night.
Never fly over property ANd/or breaches protected by privacy laws.
Only drones operating within the frequencies 2.4 and 5.8 gigacycle are permissible to control in Aruba.
The drone operator (or company) is lawfully liable for the safe conduct of every flight and is powerfully inspired to accumulate insurance.
For a lot of info on Aruba’s drone laws, visit the DCAA’s web site