Focus on French Impressionism

Mar 5


Tom Gurney

Tom Gurney

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Read about French impressionist painter Edgar Degas.

French impressionism is one of the most influential moments in European art history and this article will look at detail in this period which helped to move ideas onwards and from their success in the mid 19th century,Focus on French Impressionism Articles many new art movements were to follow. One painter who played a significant role at the forefront of this push for new ideas was Edgar Degas who was focus upon with in this article. Whilst not having the reputation of Claude Monet, Degas still sits at the top of the contributors to this movement and also his work proved to be high palatable to mainstream art fans thanks, in part, to the content which he chose to cover in his work.
Edgar Degas himself actually tried to seperate his paintings from the label of impressionism as the movement started to gain more and more popularity. As a typical artist, he always wanted to appear unique and not influenced by others around him though no-one can deny this his style was closest to this group though with some elements of realism as well. Other famous realists include Edward Hopper who was an American painter from the 20th century who himself achieved great success in this style which seems to appeal to the mainstream.
Degas was devoted to several specfic topics for his work during his career and had specific spells where he would attack something head on for several years, each time re-inventing with different angles or colours. The best known subject were of course ballerinas which provided content for hundreds of art works during his career. After his work with ballet dancers came a long list at different elements around horse racing and here he would really study the animal in great detail in order to make sure his portraits were as anatomically accurate as possible.
Degas reproductions are now very much in demand and his career shows no sign of losing popularity anytime soon, with the impressionists still appreciated as much as they really ever have been, making exhibitions of their work popular and always attended well. Those unable to get to these occassions can still choose to add painting copies to their own homes or alternatively get reproduction prints, posters or stretched canvases, with an increasing number of companies online now offering all of these. This article will hopefully encourage you to find out more about this skilled French impressionist who is well deserving of research from any keen European art fan.

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